>>>What are you tying today ? Part I

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lv2nymph wrote:
Heavy heart, jk. while tying these they landed like that and I thought it was kinda funny. Tying some anchor flies, GD's cat nip. #6, 3/16 tungsten bead, with half again of that weight with tungsten thread. You can see it adds very little bulk to the hook, but lots of weight. I had taken notice to the fact that with my favorite two fly rig it always seems to take roughly the same amount of split shot to get me bumpin the bottom on those super fast/ deep runs. So I figured out what the difference was and added it on. The hot spot started out as an indicator to the additional weight on the fly, tried to make it as small as possible. I love tungsten thread.


Holy crap #6 Gd's cat nip? That's a big fly! And I thought I was tying be heavy flies on size 8 and 10 hooks...
perch is done, waiting to hit the lakes.


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Whitlock's fox squirrel, gettin jiggy with it...

Nice flies everyone, I have been messing around with a version of the claw dad fly...although I am not using Kraft's original legs. Time to target some small mouth!!!
last one of the series
have to ask him why


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Hare's Ear Nymph on an Orvis size 12 bead headed nymph hook (about 11 wraps of 015 lead free wire)

Tied up a few snowshoe emergers last night
Nicely articulated Bob, I like it. That would be great for some Lehigh Bassn'.
or floating the canyon coping a rapala minnow..
Woven body stones sz8 to sz4 for the Perk.
pictures Lou
Woven body pan fish flies


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Today Ill be tying Bowmans Hellraisers (woven hellgrammite pattern) and Bowmans Insane Cranes (woven cranefly larva). Also, Id like to apologize to anyone who felt that I spammed them with my previous posts. My intentions were not to be delinquent.
Zing! Thanks Bob! I bet if you tied that fly onto Odie's tail he would out fish you.
I could just picture odie with a fly tied to him and hooking one, that would be hilarious. might have to try it.
All look good guys. RCFetter your tying is coming along nicely.

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