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Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 07/19/2021 (76 reads)
Are you looking to continue fly fishing even as the summer heats up? Then join Dave Weaver and Dave Kile as they take a fun look at warm water fishing tactics and techniques for the Pennsylvania region.


Why small warm water creeks are overlooked
Species, with emphasis on sunfish, rock bass and smallmouth bass
Scouting & public access
Safety issues/clothing
Wading and boating
Flies and tactics
Questions and Answers

Dave Weaver
Is a history teacher in Gettysburg Pennsylvania and a moderator at Paflyfish. He is an award-winning artist specializing in fly fishing-related topics. Dave has been fly fishing small streams in Pennsylvania for over forty years.

Dave Kile
Is the founder of Paflyfish, an online community of fly fishing anglers in the Pennsylvania region founded in 1995.

Date: Tuesday, July 27 at 8:00 PM
Where: Online Zoom Presentation
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You can see more of Dave Weaver's great artwork on his Instagram account.

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 06/25/2021 (210 reads)
George Daniel Discusses Dry Dropper Tactics in Central PA

It all began at age 6 when George caught his first trout on a fly rod. Since that day, George has been addicted to fly fishing. George is a former competitive angler for Fly Fishing Team USA, former Coach for both USA Youth and Adult Fly Fishing Teams. He has written three books and has published countless articles for fly fishing magazines. Currently, he is the director and lead instructor for the Pennsylvania State University’s Angling Program-a positioned once held by George’s fly fishing mentor, Joe Humphreys. George is also an on-stream instructor and runs clinics/presentations throughout the US. You can find more on George at is website.

Published by Dave Weaver [Dave_W] on 06/14/2021 (211 reads)

To the fly tiers of PAFF, a hearty thank you for your efforts in supporting the Rivers Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp. I had put in a request for fly donations (original thread) and many of you donated your time and materials to produce some excellent flies. The camp director, upon receiving the flies, was very appreciative, calling them a "game changer," as donations were lower this year. The students will be meeting soon on the Yellow Breeches and will put the flies to good use. The youth camp was conceived by Jack Beck of Cumberland Valley Trout Unlimited who pondered why America had all sorts of youth camps for various sports and other activities, but not cold water conservation. Today, the CVTU youth camp sets the standard for a variety of similarly themed youth camps and puts teenagers in hands-on activities including building stream improvement structures, fly tying and macro-invertebrate study. In the mornings and evenings, the students get to apply what they learned by fly fishing on Yellow Breeches.



Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 06/02/2021 (371 reads)
This past January made it very difficult to plan a few weeks out let alone several months. The normal Spring May Jamboree was officially put on hold again. Unofficially, the Sulphurs, March Browns and Green Drakes would still be hatching.


Many of the usual crew made it up for the weekend and stayed at Seven Mountains Campground. The weather was great and we were able to enjoy a couple of good nights of catching up, listening to music, and even enjoying some of the pizzas from Bruno’s oven. Plenty of music from Shakey and Turkey added to the evenings.


Saturday morning turned into an impromptu casting clinic with Derek helping a few new and experienced anglers with some techniques. Which came in handy for our fly fishing during the weekend.


Back to the fly fishing. On the first evening of the Unofficial Jam, Afishinado and I went over to the Little J with the anticipation of an evening Sulphur hatch. We made an important dinner stop at the Spruce Creek Tavern for some burgers, beers and fries before hitting the water. A great joint to hit if you are in the area.


Afishinado picked slower and softer water to fish. I stuck to some faster ripples for the evening. I got into a few bringing up many fish in the faster water at about 6:30. It got slow at about 7:30 and then when the Sulphur hatch hit we did very well.


Saturday most of the crew made their way to Penns Creek and Tunnel Road. A slow day, but plenty of Sulphurs and spinners in the evening. Unfortunately, the evening was as challenging as the day even with all the bugs. Our first day on Penns proved again to be a bit of mystery.


On Sunday Maurice and I left the Jam and made our way downstream towards Millmont for several extra days on Penns. Once downstream it was a pleasant surprise to find Coffin Flies galore and some Green Drakes around the stream. So naturally, we settled into our new place and found our way to Class A for some Brookie fishing. A fun diversion from the big water and we got into a few nice trout.



We tried to make a go of it at Glen Iron to find more Coffin Flies, but no Green Drakes hatching. A quiet night for me, but Sulphurs upstream for Maurice and some fish. We were 100 yards apart and we had completely different experiences. We got back to our place to find our place covered in Coffin Flies along the banks. The street light tracked thousands. We had so many Green Drakes and spinners in our place we found them in the kitchen, shower, and bedrooms for days.



Things improved for me Monday night with the Sulphur hatch around Weikert. The Green Drakes had a big hatch occur about 10:00 am that morning. Which we missed so we really didn’t see any Monday night.

Tuesday we moved upstream and finally find a good location of some steady Green Drakes. I think I must have missed almost 18 fish with a Green Drake pattern. We did get a few. It seemed like the steady risers were the biggest fish. That evening I did okay with my B-52 Rusty Spinners during the evening bug fest that started at about 8:15.


Penns Creek really sucks me in with the trout and beautiful setting. It was fun to hang out with Maurice and find some new places. I caught one of my better wild browns on drake at almost 20”. Penns is not easy on the legs with all those greased bowling balls on the stream bed. It can really beat you up and to think when I was younger I would run around there without a wading staff? Another great trip, as I caught more than I normally do on Penns, but she is a tough mother.


In a lot of ways, it was one of my best trips out in many years. Seeing everyone again was great. Making time for a six-day trip makes a huge difference in your approach to fishing and where you go. Looking forward to next year when we can get back on track for a normal 2022 Spring Jamboree!
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Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 06/01/2021 (69477 reads)
Green Drake

Recently going through my mayfly photographs I found a nice set of pictures from the Paflyfish Spring Jam in 2010. The Green Drake (Ephemera guttulata ) hatch was in full swing that year and photographs of these mayflies were easy and plentiful. Most of the weekend was overcast and rain as normally forecasted for the Spring Jam. Emergers (subimago) and spinners (imago) were not so much active during the day but lined the sides of the streams in the hundreds of thousands. I am always torn between fishing and photography on days like this but glad to put down my fly rod for a while and captured a lot of great shots.

With so many mayflies and photos, it was easy to get so nice shots of the Green Drake spinners, which are referred to as Coffin Flies because of their white extended body. I wanted to demonstrate the differences between spinner (imago) male and female. These two Coffin Flies attached show these differences. Most notably the male has longer extended forelegs and claspers at the rear of the body. Females as seen do not have these body characteristics.

Male (left photo)
Long forelegs
Rear claspers or forceps at the rear of the body
Eyes on a male tend to be larger

Female (right photo)
Short foreleg
Forceps do not exist
Smaller flatter eyes

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