>>>What are you tying today ? Part I

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Thanks Bill, they are umpqua c400bl #10's
Here are a few more of the hopper patterns that we were discussing earlier in the thread. The Charlie Boy Hopper #8 (top) and the Letort Hopper #12 (bottom). Both tied in an olive version with the same color deer hair for the wing.


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John, nicely done. My pick out of those 2 would be the Letort hopper.
I know I am a bit old school. But to me the Letort pattern is just richer.

Great looking bugs.

Nicely done John.

Right again Jack, it is BQ.

Great job on the CBH and the LH. I am partial to the CBH. Go catch yourself a slammer!

Never tied a green one. Though I do see green ones in the fields. I fish the Lehigh mostly and no self respecting Hopper is anywhere near that river yet the fish seem to take the yellow ones. Are they taking it for a hopper or something else, who knows?

This style of fly is also adaptable. A few years back we had a great cicada hatch, I tied a few CB's with black foam, I added an orange floss ribbing, used clear crystal flash for the wing, and orange/black legs.

There were abunch of cicada recipes out there at time but this was the easiest/quickest tie with materials i had on hand (except the rubber legs)It worked well.

Thanks guys. I really love the simplicity of the Letort hopper pattern. It is a real quick tie. If that classic "splat" for the presentation is desired the CBH is hard to beat. It also creates quite a disturbance on the surface much like a natural hopper. I like to tie them in various shades of green because most of the hoppers that I see during the summer season have some tinge of green color on their abdomen. Both patterns can be very effective and I find hopper patterns to be a lot of fun to tie.
Been tying up these. I am relatively new at tying but like the way they are turning out. I was told by Wilcox that these are deadly as a dropper when BWO's are emerging.

Wilcox Green Machine, size 18:



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I appreciate the pictures, dc.

I got foam yesterday, and then got distracted by searching for carp patterns to tie.
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