>>>What are you tying today ? Part I

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Sep 13, 2006
Green drake emerger, Light cahill, Slate drakes
Custom order for a group floating a 2 day in canyon
so far this year there have been 6 floats with all custom orders.


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Couple of backstabbers last night, probably a few leeches tonight if I get the time, and I've really got to check on my supply of para-adams...I may need to tie more of those for the slate drake hatch.
Knocked out a few black sparkle ants (Krystal dub) in between chores. They produce steadily for me until the the frosts. BTW, I fish them wet almost all the time.
sulphurs and spent chimarra caddis
Tied up a few #14 Adams using the classic recipe last night, then spiced one up with some cinnamon uv dub...

1 dz. woven body caddis size 14 for a friend.
What a good idea for a thread Bob... :roll: I'm tying cahills right now. Ants and beetles next.
I am working on some mink nymphs,thanks to lv2nymph's care pacage of furs.I hope to have a pic soon to share
Nice Mike, look forward to it.
Copper Bead Head Olive Wooly Buggers on size 8 and 10 nymph hooks with brown arctic fox tail.

I tied a couple on Sat and caught a rainbow with it on Sunday. First trout on my own fly.
some green weenies for a friend and some mini foam hoppers for myself

Congrats RC! i know the feeling just happened to me a few weeks ago, its a great feeling
Sulphur emergers - trying to "solve the riddle" and get more consistent takes in the earlier evening when it is still light. So far my success in dayligh/dusk has been poor, but once it is almost too dark to see - they hit my bob wyatt style deer hair emerger well.
I am guessing color is not right. Trying more brownish abdomens, using sbecker's example from the emerger swap.
Knocked out a few black sparkle ants (Krystal dub) in between chores. They produce steadily for me until the the frosts. BTW, I fish them wet almost all the time. Later add on; one of them got yanked off this eve. by a large log dwelling trout. Managed to drag him out from under once, but he popped the 6x the second time he got back to his lair. Oh well...
I like this thread. Lately for me it's been either no inspiration or too much! Lol. I sat down to tie last night, and wanted to tie so many different flies I wasn't sure where to start. So I tied a couple of EP minnows, a gurgler, a green drake dry fly, and an olive rubber legged wooly bugger!
Size 14 beadhead psycho prince nymphs and some pats stoneflies for my trip to Wyoming next month.

Haven't tied a whole lot lately but I have the materials and the Mulberry Fly is the next one on the list. After all, the "Mulberry Hatch" is just around the corner for all you brownliners. Hope I haven't already missed it.
dc410 wrote:
Hope I haven't already missed it.

Dang it! While mowing the yard tonight I checked the couple of mulberry trees along my back property line and about at least 25% of the berries have already ripened and a fair number of them are already on the ground. I need to get some tied up and get to the stream by this weekend at the latest. The mulberry hatch is not very long lived.


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Tied a dozen sunken beetles. They resemble a June bug. Woven Krienek with raffia as the shell back and Sally Hansen's hard as nails on the shell back. Also tied six slate drake CETs.
Working on some flies for my trip to Northern Ontario next month. Tonight I tied a up a couple of "rattle" Clousers

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