>>>What are you tying today ? Part I

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heading to Missoula in 2 weeks(first time out west), so I've been tying a whole lot of flies. HE's, PT's, PMD's, Perla stones, salmon flies, GD's, stimi's, adams, czech nymphs, caddis, princes, copper johns, etc. But today i plan on tying all dries. probably pmd's gd's, and stimis.
Japanese Beetles, #20-#22 Hi-Viz Griffith's Gnats, BH Sparkle Buggers, Flashback Scuds & Shrimp. Hitting up some little known limestone spring creeks for finicky wild browns and bows.
This is a great thread.

As mentioned before, I just started tying back in March and I'm having trouble working with dubbing. So, I'm tying hare's ear nymphs on old bait hooks just for the practice.
Heavy heart, jk. while tying these they landed like that and I thought it was kinda funny. Tying some anchor flies, GD's cat nip. #6, 3/16 tungsten bead, with half again of that weight with tungsten thread. You can see it adds very little bulk to the hook, but lots of weight. I had taken notice to the fact that with my favorite two fly rig it always seems to take roughly the same amount of split shot to get me bumpin the bottom on those super fast/ deep runs. So I figured out what the difference was and added it on. The hot spot started out as an indicator to the additional weight on the fly, tried to make it as small as possible. I love tungsten thread.

That is some nice stuff Jack. I have not had time to tie in well over a week.

Thanks Mike, it's a bummer when life gets so busy there's no time for the bench.
lv2nymph wrote:
Heavy heart, jk. while tying these they landed like that and I thought it was kinda funny. Tying some anchor flies, GD's cat nip. #6, 3/16 tungsten bead, with half again of that weight with tungsten thread.


I just started tying the GC Czech Catnip over the last year and have done well with it. For being such a heavy fly, I have lost the obvious amount, but less than expected. Great pattern to have as the anchor.

RCfetter, for someone who has only been tying for a short time. That is a nice job on your PT nymphs. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Gencon. I've moved onto Hare's Ear but my progress has slowed down due to fishing.
One for the medium weight box, #10 5/32 tungsten bead


Tc, I first tied them in #12 and they proved productive, been meaning to tie them that size for awhile. You're right they're a good one to have.
jack that looks sweet,it looks woven.I have an oliver Edwards dvd on woven flys,and can't wait to start practicing.I think they will sink faster, being smooth,rather then hairy.What do you think about tieing them hook up so that they wont snag as easy.
tomitrout wrote:
Tied up a few #14 Adams using the classic recipe last night, then spiced one up with some cinnamon uv dub...


Thanks Mike, yep it's woven. I love the look that's achieved with that. You'll like Oliver's vid. on weaving I think he did a nice job with it. You're right streamlined ties rocket to the bottom, I think anytime you tie so the hook rides up you get less snags and when you do it tends to come off easier.
Hoping to fish the susky for the first time this weekend.

I "tied" 6 of the ants made with the drawer liner last night. Three in black, three in red.
Can't keep these on my line. don't look like much but in the water they come alive. made with 4 links, 2 hooks and 3" long total. been cut off a few times in the local lakes (pickerel or musky) have to tie a perch and a black and white one next.


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Big, heavy woven nymphs. These are on a size 10 2x long hook. I think in this size they could be taken as a brown stone fly nymph or as a large mayfly nymph. Could also just be a general attractor pattern. I'm planning Ning to tie some in size 8 2xl as well. Should be good for getting me flies down deep in faster water. I used olive barred sexi-floss for the legs (a material that I just recently discovered and really like using), and moose hair for the tails.

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