Vote for the Best Fly Fishing Town in Pennsylvania 2024

Best Fly Fishing Town in Pennsylvania

  • Boiling Springs

    Votes: 13 14.0%
  • Carlisle

    Votes: 4 4.3%
  • Cross Fork

    Votes: 14 15.1%
  • Millheim

    Votes: 23 24.7%
  • Slate Run

    Votes: 20 21.5%
  • Stroudsburg

    Votes: 10 10.8%
  • Wellsboro

    Votes: 9 9.7%

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Frequently on Paflyfish, the question arises as to which is the best fly fishing town in Pennsylvania. It's a fun debate based on a lot of personal characteristics that determine what makes the best town. The last time we took a vote, Bellefonte was selected several years ago. However, times have changed, and it's time for another vote.

Some criteria for the best town could be:
- Fly fishing streams
- Nearby fly shops
- Food options including restaurants, taverns, and bars
- Overnight options such as campgrounds, Airbnbs, or hotels
- Travel distances to the town
- Or whatever inspires you for your favorite town!

Of course, when we are picking a town, this could include a village, hamlet, township, or other community in the state.

A thread was created, and nominations were taken for our top town vote. It was nice to hear calls for Ansonia and Hinkletown, but sadly, there wasn't enough support. However, we did receive the most support for Boiling Springs, Carlisle, Cross Fork, Millheim, Slate Run, Stroudsburg, and Wellsboro.

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite town in the poll.
Two towns 6 miles apart in one of the fastest growing, meaning being ruined, counties in the State? I voted for the town a half hour to Lock Haven, it was the only logical choice given the options. ;)
Love this thread.
  • Boiling Springs was the first place I ever fly fished. I quickly realized that my 8wt UglyStik and Adams dries were no match for the opening day corn kernel slingers. I had no idea what I was doing and consider this the beginning of my fly fishing timeline.
  • Fished through a soaker at the mouth of Slate with some very reputable members of this forum. My takeaway from this was that Wolfe's has the best sandwiches I've ever eaten in a creek.
  • Millheim is a gem. The Hotel is my favorite. Bill Anderson should partner with them for sales of his EZ Pee zipper. I certainly could've used one most years.
  • Wellsboro is beautiful but it's no Denton Hill, IMHO.
  • Cross Fork...if you told me i didnt have to work for a week in Spring, I'd head here.
I love Ansonia.
I'm curious...what pushes your buttons?
Traffic mostly. When I was traveling to Robert Packard on a regular basis, I always seemed to hit wellsboro at the worst time. There always seemed to be a parade or festival going on, and if that wasn’t the case, it was some tourist going 15 under the speed limit behind a line of 10 cars.

It’s also a pretty pricy town, I don’t care for the elitist vibe I get when I am there, and they don’t allow chickens. So there’s that.
I voted for Wellsboro, but Ansonia and Slate Run are why I like the Wellsboro area. I love the town as well. If you think Wellsboro has traffic, stay away from Delco and the Philly area… that’s why I like Wellsboro. Never sensed an elitist vibe there either, and the barber stayed open during Covid 😎. Don’t have chickens, so I can’t ding Wellsboro on that either. I just think it’s a good home base and Slate Run, Ansonia and Upper Pine are all easily within reach.

I see Millheim is in the lead. I’ve never been there. I only fished Penn’s once in college, but that will change this year. Sell me on Millheim, please…
Millheim. Lots of options within a short radius. Hell, right in town there are 16-inchers, they're easily spooked, though.
Let me just be the odd man out here, and say that I'm quite relieved that my two personal favorite "trout towns" didn't make the list. No, you can't have them. Some secrets are better kept. 🙂
I rather be in Cross Forks but Stroudsburg is a better local.for me at my age. It is much larger than years back. Good rivers in the immediate area and more a hour away. Decent restaurants and fun bars. Dunklebergers Sport Shop ... Orvis Dealer but just a OK Fly Shop... more hunting and Firearms.
Really good sushi at Sara Street Grill ... say Joe and order Tuna Seviche or the Soft Shell Crab Roll.when in season. Live Music later in evening. Nice, hard working college kids work there and are on top of everything. Or catch a Ranger game (no Flyer fans here) at Teddys in East Stroudsburg .... packed house and excellent made to order cheese steaks. Many wear Ranger shirts / Jerseys with Teddys on the front. The owner is a big fan .... Ranger stuff hanging on the walls
Finish the evening at Matador, a cigar lounge. Buy a good cigar watch a game and bring your favorite single malt. Some Catskill Guild guys hang out there playing Dominos.
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