2015 PAFF Eastern PA Instructional Jamboree (Newbie Jam) Sunday 3/29/15

I'm not sure how many newbies will see this post, I might cross post in the Beginner sub forum as well. (mods is that ok?)

I have 2 fly rods and 1 reel I don't use. The reel doesn't have any line or backing. You should be able to find some for less than $30 if you don't want to spend a lot before knowing if you'll stick with it. They aren't anything special however they will work to get you started. If anyone is just starting out and interested in one let me know with a PM.
^Class act. Very nice gesture.
HA, just found out I will be available for the date. If you need someone to do the entomology you may plug me in if you'd like.

Also, I have confirmation on that "sticky" issue we discussed earlier.

Dave R.
Looking good!

Here's what I have for instructors so far:

1- Gear/Setup "Head to Toe": djs12354, CathyG, volksnurse

2 - Knot Instruction/Leader Setups: FrequentTyer

3 - Entomology: OldLefty

4 - Fly Tying: GenCon, tyger, RCFetter, InCahoots

5 - Casting Instruction: afishinado, SBecker, TimRobinsin

6 - "Where to Fish": salmonoid, pcray

7 - "How to Find and Catch Trophy Size Trout": Guest Instructor

Stagger - If you can still make it, you can help out with topic #1. I'll send you the flyer as soon as I finish it (now that I know I can include all the topics). Feel free to distribute it as you see fit....

Volks - If Cathy and/or Stagger can make it, we can put you back with the tyers. "Every day I'm shuffelin'......" :lol:
Dave R./ Old Lefty is a decent caster and can hold his own :oops: .......lol


I'd be willing to switch over to do entomology and give the guys a chance to work with Dave Rothrock for casting.

I've been meaning to set up a bug presentation anyway. This will get me going on the project.

Let me know.

Tom - This is actually kind of funny. OldLefty said pretty much the same thing about you, and he'd also like to work on his entomology presentation.

Everyone knows you're no slouch when it comes to casting, but that's a pretty high compliment - especially considering the source.

How about this:

Prepare to do your entomology presentation, but be prepared to teach casting as well. We also have a terrific caster in Derek, and Shane has taught his share for LL Bean as well. The casting station has always been pretty crowded, and you may be needed to help with a large crowd. If it's not that crowded, you could also head inside to do the bug thing.

You could also switch off with Dave so you both get some time at both stations. I really appreciate your offer to bring some of the Orvis School rods along, and that could help your store out with attracting customers. No law says we can't help our instructors get a little free advertising - I kinda like this idea, and encourage it. One hand washes the other....

Also keep in mind it may be cold and windy outside then, and Dave is really OLD Lefty (his wife's comment, not mine!). :cool:
Ah, yes. Leave it to my wife to provide an accurate representation of reality :)

Hey Ed,

I'll stick to casting instruction.....lol.

My thought was bringing Dave in to do entomology was like bringing Luciano Pavarotti to the opera...and assigning him to collect the tickets at the door!....:lol:
Ed ... just let me know (PM, txt or email) when everything is ready and send it out. I'll print out a bunch and distribute them locally and where ever else my travels take me. I'll float at the show but in general will hang mostly @ station #1 with dj and Cathy. This should free up JT to tie if he chooses
Wherever Heritage Ed wants me.....
I might be able to stop out. If I do. I'll bring some Vedavoo gear for everyone to have a look at.
Phish_On wrote:
I might be able to stop out. If I do. I'll bring some Vedavoo gear for everyone to have a look at.

That'd be great!

Bring as much as you want to....
Chances are if the other phish makes it I'll tag along. No guarantee yet but I could help at any station.

There's a chance I may have to back out! Work travel (Switzerland again). They told me last week of March or first of April, which, would make this weekend the swing weekend either way.

Though, with the way these things tend to get pushed back before being finalized, perhaps I should be more concerned about the late May jam!

I'll keep ya updated.

Nevermind the previous. Trip wound up at the end of April, so I'm good to go for the newbie jam.
If anyone is interested in a rod, I have a couple I'll bring that I want to unload, I've got a couple I don't use anymore. I should make it this year.
Hello All!! Ed, if you need me to do something or fill in with something I could make this event. Let me know, you know Im help out in any way.
mooney4 wrote:
Hello All!! Ed, if you need me to do something or fill in with something I could make this event. Let me know, you know Im help out in any way.

Very cool!

Just bring your fishing gear. We'll plug you in wherever we need help - 'cause you're versatile like that.

You're also in charge of leading the caravan down to the restaurant for lunch. You know why. ;-)

Really glad you're coming up for this - it'll be nice to see you again!
Haven't been around lately. But I'd like to help. I can do just about any demonstration or coaching. Just a warning, I'll still show up anyways :). Larry