Murdich with Dragontail



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Sep 11, 2006
Anyone tie a murdich minnow with one of those whippy dragontails? Dragontail mini? I was interested in adding something besides Clousers for Smallies. I see the Murdich has a strong following, but, for me, the tail needs more. Instead of a zonker, which gets heavy once soaked, I saw the mini Dragontail. At the cost, I wouldn't want to be the pioneer in this. I don't know if the front would kill the current of the strip or have too much turbulence to let it ripple on retrieve.
IMO, part of the magic of the Murdich is in the flashabou tail. If tied to the proper length, it flutters in the current. It seems really enticing. The smallies agree!

I also thought about incorporating dragontails into a smallie fly. Maybe a mini size would work. The ones I have are kinda thick.
I’ve used mini dragon tails on my smallie flies, although not on murdich minnows. I typically tie it with a bulky craft fur head and throw on some eyes (black head and chartreuse tail) for prespawn fishing. Even with a bulky head the tails have real nice action. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be a nice addition to a murdich.

I will say though, the tails do get a little heavy when wet, but they keep their action. Also, the tend to fall apart after awhile. I burn the trailing tip of the tail and glue the tie in spot to help keep it together (not my ideas, saw it on the internet) which seems to work pretty well.
thanks for the replies, folks