The Spring Jamboree is Back! May 20-22, 2022

Officially a Thursday arrival now. Thursday-Monday.

Scott still joining on Friday.
Well I sent HopBack a text and asked if he wanted to tag along. Maybe he'll come up and join me. Either way I'll be by at some point. Whatever happens will happen. I'll be sure to have a 4 weight and some flies.
Some of us just hang around in the morning and don’t fish until late afternoon. I usually tie until afternoon
I'm coming Friday to Sunday.
Looking forward to seeing yinz guys again!
Alright fellas. I am going to at least make an appearance. I can't guarantee I am staying a night but I may, we shall see. I just bought a house with my lady about 6 months ago and the list of stuff I've been doing has had me busy..shoot, I've barely fished this spring. But regardless, I will at least come and fish, maybe stay, maybe not. Who knows, I'll play it all by ear. Let's say I'd come to the campground Saturday morning, what time will you fellers being heading off to the cricks?
Yo jif - I left you a Profile Message: since I'll be leaving Friday, Ace has a spare bunk in our cabin (with shower) which you could use.
My “sources” tell me that the former PA state casting champion and a few of his friends (longtime board members) will also be in attendance…
Some of us just hang around in the morning and don’t fish until late afternoon. I usually tie until afternoon
You don't get up until late afternoon!
HopBack is meeting me at my house at 9. We are fishing in Mifflin County until about noon and then another forum member is meeting us at 7 mtns campground. We will see who we find at the campground around noon..we are then heading back towards Penns. See some of you tomorrow.
The pavilion at Seven Mountains Campground is rented by Paflyfish and is used as a meeting point during the weekend.

I haven’t seen anyone over there this weekend.
We've been here all weekend. Gathering was down by the cabins last few nights. Writing from pavillion with 20+ and growing crowd. Tonight at pavillion. Arrival time is typically between 10 and 11 p.m. after everyone gets back from fishing.
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Look's like a bigun.
Made it up Friday and fished the following streams between Friday and Saturday: Kish, Honey, Spring, Treaster, and Tea. I enjoyed myself as always and it was great to see everyone again. The waterways were pumping (but thankfully fishable). For me the fishing was good. Not spectacular, but good.

IMG 4480

Spring Creek wild bow

IMG 0974

Treaster Run

IMG 4501

Honey wild brown

IMG 4510

Rick, Dan, and Tim, solving world problems

IMG 4468

Spring Creek wild brown