Skuke Flatties



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Sep 9, 2006
Watching this makes me want to pick up my spin rod . Mute catching these fish would look good for your Blog . Let the video load all the way before you play or it tends to skip alot .
I thought i heard my name. And i would love to get into some fish like that. I just dont know where to go for them. The biggest catfish ive caught while trying for them is probably only 23-24 inches at the dam in the oaks park on the perky. I have a feelnig thered be alot of big boys like that in the skuke over by betzwood, thats really nice deep lookin water. I just dont know how to fish for them. I just use the plain old night crawlers, never had luck with stink baits so i gave up.

If you want to catch big flatties out of the skuke your best bets for baits are probably creek chubs or bluegills live-lined. Of course if you want to use bluegills you'll have to catch them from somewhere other than the skuke, because the flatties ate them all.
While I don't target flatheads (I will dunk a line for channel cats on occasion), my understanding is they are piscivorious predators. Most hard core flathead dudes use live sunfish for bait. I used to watch guys down on the James River hunting for these fellas at night with big spin rigs and live bluegills for bait. I doubt they would show much interest in standard catfish stink bait. Despite eating live prey, I don't often hear of them being caught on lures and would imagine they'd be tough on a fly. Perhaps, near the ideal deep pool with a log jam one might be able to temp one on a big streamer. I looked 'em up in the IGFA database and the there are some fly rod records (mostly recent years from the James River). The largest caught on a fly is 34 lbs.
JasonS, i see. Do you usually let them sit out on the flats? Im guessing they dont hold in hte deep slow moving pools?

They hold in structure near faster flowing water... typical ambush lies. I always look at places that look like trophy brownie habitat and figure it is holding a flathead in the skuke.

My grandfather used to trotline for them in texas. He used goldfish for bait. It's gotta be alive for them to take it.
I see, hmm. I wonder if a bunch of shiners hooked on a hook would work out well?

All good advice above. As Fishidiot said, sunnies/bluegills are a great bait. As Jay said, near flowing water and cover. Try VF Park through the RR bridge near where Valley Cr. enters the Skuke. Good flow, large ledges where the big boys hide during the day and hunt food at night. Guys catch them there 20-30lbs all the time (summer). Good luck.
Mute FYI I thought of you right away when I seen the guy wearing the sleeveless T"S :lol:
Lol, thanks
I dont see why a squirrel on a turtle hook wouldnt work... ;-)

The pittsburgh area has rumors of giant cats under the locks. My

buddie's dad owns a bar right below one of the locks and some divers were called in to do some service on them and apparently there's 5 to 6 foot catfish down there as well as some giant muskie.

I dont know how much my friend exaggerated on this story (he has a tendency to do so) but i have no doubt that there are some big fish down there.