Piranha at Peach Bottom?



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Aug 24, 2008

I'm not sure what to think of that fish... :-o
Actually, this isn't all that uncommon. A few years ago several turned up in Lake Marburg. Aquarium enthusiasts release 'em into the wild. They die off with the onset of cold weather.
Looks too big to be a red-bellied, I think that's a pacu.

Both members of the same family, pretty much look the same except a pacu gets to mammoth size and only has flat teeth for crushing nuts and berries, as its not a serious carnivore like its cousin pirahana.
I'd say gfen is right, its a pacu. Below is a picture of one I caught from the Parana river in Argentina last year. Check out the
choppers on that thing. They're delicious by the way. Being a
tropical/sub-tropical fish, I doubt they have much of a chance in PA


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they get them around trenton too. seems they think they will survive in the delaware..
Gone4Day wrote:
Being a tropical/sub-tropical fish, I doubt they have much of a chance in PA

Unless somehow there was a source of warm water all year round.:)

Are you supposed to blind them by popping their eye balls??

Look at IMG_0894
nothing with teeth that nice could survive near trenton :)
Like at Brunner island or Peach bottom , warm water releases from the cooling towers , have gone over there in the winter and it's like bathwater also years ago something that looked like a big bluegill got out and the commish was electroshocking them back out , this was at Brunner island 80's