Native Brook Trout Adventure Shot on Kodak 16mm Film

I always enjoy the quality and cinematic efforts by the guys over at Allegheny Native with their Pennsylvania Fly Fishing videos. Much of the video they shoot is in far out of the way areas of Northern Pennsylvania that always inspires me to jump in my car. This video has a little twist with many of the shots having been filmed on a 16mm. Video is hard enough, but filming on darker cloudy days in tree covered streams with 16mm film? That's a tough one to pull off.

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Watched it last night. Really good, as all of their stuff is. Best on YouTube IMO, in terms of the story lines and production quality. They talk about it some in this video, and I agree…What makes their videos unique is how much they let the viewer see about their friendships and how much they just enjoy fishing together. Yeah, they catch some nice fish sometimes, but not always. It’s really more about the time they spend together doing something they love, and that comes through in the videos.
Thanks for posting Dave. I watched half of this video so far. I need to show it to my friends and and family so perhaps they will understand better why we all do this ......... as Swattie87 pointed out it is the friendships, being in nature and of course the catching and releasing of beautiful fish. Ah, no, I did not eat them for dinner .......
What's the point of shooting on 16mm film? Is it like fishing with a bamboo rod?
Is there a film revival happening?

I've got loads of color film slides of streams, trout etc.

Lots of black and white negatives too.

is he packin' a 1911? Are the native brookies that dangerous in PA? He seems too young for a 1911...
I came across a meth operation brookie fishing a few years ago. So... I keep mine in my wader pocket though and it’s not a 1911.😏
What does a meth operation look like? And was it in PA?

IMG 0031