How do you tie your POPPER


I don't think it matters what they rate them. If it says "salt" but it gets the job done, well... it gets the job done.

I think you'd be in trouble if you fished the salmon run in NY with a 6weight.

You make an excellent point. It's just that I prefer to use light tackle.

Maybe if I purchased a Helios 8wt? But they are $775, but only 2 7/8oz way lighter than my 5wt Sage........ pricey, but something for me to think about! I'll spend whatever I have to with my fly stuff. What else in life is better to spend money on?

For me the point is: rather than buying a heavyweight fly rod that would be great for big heavy flies, I would rather tie some big light flies that I can use with a 6wt!

Same thing with trout, I like a 3 or 4 wt the best.

Panfish......... a 3 or 4 is fine for this guy.

I really enjoy my fishing. I love to use the best and lightest stuff available.

I think you've got the right idea man. Do it the way ya wanna do it, and that's all that matters. Fishing is one thing that, hopefully, will always be like that. I'll drink to that, for sure.
While I agree, I think sometimes manufacturers designate something as a salt rod more for the non-corrosive hardware they add so they don't just fall apart after a few tangles with ocean water. And for marketing purposes of course. If you go to some of the saltwater fly fishing websites and read the reports and suggestions, many are using no more than a 6wt for most of their fishing. They get the big stuff out for species specific trips...
Dell's had my computer since Monday and I just got it back today.

All the flies I posted can be fished with a 6 wgt. The pencil poppers and the last one are the ones I would most likely use with a 6 wgt. I can cast the others but it wouldn't be as much fun, more like work.
I can't see that far back on the string, but someone mentioned tossing an 8 inch fly with a 6 wgt. I fish 5 to 8 inch flies when I go up to Ontario for my vacation with my 6 wgt and have been able to handle pike up to 28 inches on it. I think it's a misconception that large flies have to be heavy flies. It's not that difficult to tie a large fly that won't knock you out if it hits you on the back of the head.
Transfer foil. I use to find some in the local craft stores but not anymore, not sure why the don't carry it around here as it appears to be a staple in the arts and craft world, but they don't. Now, I either pick it up at shows or on line. Google "Jones Tones"
I'm pretty sure they're set up for on line sales now. I use mainly Mother of Pearl or a couple of different holographic silvers and holographic gold on occasion. If you've seen "loco foam" or "sili skin" then you've seen transfer foil after its been applied to a surface. For sheets of foam, you can either use the adhesive backed sheets or coat a sheet with foiling glue which dries translucent and tacky. For popper bodies you apply foiling glue to the bodies and when it's tacky you apply the transfer foil dull side down, pull the backing off and the foil stays on the foam.
Here's a couple I just tied up ---- 2 snow days in a row.


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Instead of starting another thread on poppers, I figured I'd revive this one. I came across this intersting concept for foam/cork poppers, Bubble Head Popper I think this could easlily be coverted to a warmwater species also.

Mckern, what material are those frog popper's legs tie with?
The legs are polypropolene yarn in cream and green. I place a strip of green on top of a strip of cream and lash them together using a needle in the vise or by hand.
Considered it revived. You could probably create that using a Crease fly as the basis. I considered doing a Bob's Banger and drilling holes through to see if I could create bubble trails like some of the offshore trolling lures. May still have to give that a whirl.
If I were to use a preformed body, I'd have to hollow it out a bit with a dremel tool before drilling the hole in the top.
I was looking for some new popper ideas. I think I'll give that one a shot.
Guys & Gals,

Started a thread in the Fly Tying forum on poppers and topwater flies: Topwater Bass Flies