Cloudy Saturday AM


Frederick V. C.

May 16, 2022
Got up to the local lake (Hibernia Park) around eight and it was a good decision. Combined with light rain the clouds eliminated the weekend "Kayak hatch" that always occurs when the sun is out. Every kayak and boat (not that many) contained serious fisherman. A few folks fishing the shore and mostly guys I know.

Fishing down with a crappie jig turned up a chunky 10" bass which fought well, but no other hits. Moved aound all the shore guys (wading wet) and got into a nice albeit brief blue gill bite. One douleheader with the nicer gill on top. Popper dropper combo was working well though I typically missed more on the popper. That said most were fat and over 8". The bite died and I made a big move but ended up catching less and smaller fish.

Back to the truck and re hydrated and decided to hit the area where the good bite occurred. Action had slowed considerably but managed a few more and a nice Largemouth on the edge of the road bed. Stayed deep and thought maybe it was a Channel or Pick but happy to land a 16 or 17" bass. Bonus! Talked to an 84 yr. old who was hammering nice gills on the tried and true Gulp and trout magnet combo. Settled for a couple more gills and a small bass and called it a day around noon. My last chance to fish for quite awhile and happy to have some nice memories for when I'm laid up.

Sidebar: Lately I've been using a two rod approach for my lake fishing. One rigged popper (and usually dropper), the other with a jig style fly. Makes it simple to adjust to conditions, especially on a lake that tends to be windy.