Cleaning/washing waders - What detergent do you guys use?



Jun 4, 2014
I picked up a pair of Simms G3s a few months ago and I try to keep em as clean as I can. But on the last few fishing trips, Ive been doing a lot of crawling around in the mud and dirt. The dirt on them has finally gotten to the point where it wont wipe off with just water anymore.

Simm's website recommends using a "mild powdered detergent", which I do not have (all liquid). I stopped at the local grocery store after work to grab a box and all they had was some fruity smelling Tide powdered soap, nothing without any scent.

I use Nikwax Techwash on most of my gear but it only comes in liquid form.

What brand of do you guys use to clean your waders? Where do you get it?

Thoughts on this? -
I use the Nikwax Techwash as well. Don't understand why they would recommend a powder as they are usually a little more abrasive in the wash. Don't think you would be hurting them by using the nikwax.
A couple of times a year I put on some sweat pant and put my waders on inside out. Then I just hop in the shower and wash the inside of the waders with a clean wash rag and some Sport Wash.

I use Sport Wash because I have it and it is supposed to leave no residue. I have had my bottle for some time. I think I got it at Kmart or Walmart.

Tech Wash is probably better if you can find it and you could just do what I do with the outside of the waders as well rather than putting them through the washer.

I used powdered Tide on My waders last winter with no ill effects. I think if you look around on the Simms website you'll find a wader washing video and also a second one on applying Revivex to them after they come out of the wash. Pretty sire that's where I read the recommendation on using powdered Tide. I've gotten to the point where I just hose the outside of my waders off after just about every use.

I could also see turning them inside out and wiping them down with a mild cleaner when the stink from sweat and f*rts starts to build up.
Thanks guys. I watched all the Simms videos, all just mention "powdered detergent" but never a specific brand.

I usually rinse em off inside and outside then hang em to dry as mentioned, but the ground in dirt is too ground in for a simple rinse. Same goes for the wader fart funk.

Hopefully I can find plain old Tide at Wallyworld or Giant Iggle.
I've used Ivory Snow powdered detergent in the past. It is a gentle care detergent & works well. I think I got it all Walmart or somewhere similar.
ivory is best
On the very few occasions when I have washed my waders (G3 as well), I have used All Free & Clear, which is a liquid, with no ill effects.
i do not clean my waders.
Like with much of my 'technical' gear, I use Sport Wash. I wouldn't have any idea what would be better or worse, but the Nik Wax Tech wash should to a fine job.

You want to use such detergents to clean the outside of the wader and then REVIVEX it or use the Nik Wax product. I hang mine on the shower curtain rail. As I spray it, I use a hair drier to help start drying it and keep it from streaking.
I then turn them inside-out and put them in the drier. It only works so well, but nothing I've seen works better.

I'm bad at this, only did it once and it's long past due.

But revivex pro cleaner. It's a liquid but made for gore-tex and similar products.

Note the instructions say to put it in the washing machine. I followed simms advice on that and hand washed in the bathtub instead. Neoprene booties are the reason not to use washer/dryer.

Then, while still damp, the revivex squirt bottle version of DWR on the outside, hair dryer to thoroughly dry the outside (DWR is heat activated so don't skip this). Then turned inside out and hung to let the inside air dry. Works like a charm. Just need to do it more than once every few years!

Avoid ANYTHING silicon based on breathable fabrics. Clogs the pores, even if it says it doesn't. Not sure on the Nikwax stuff. Read the label, they have a bunch of different products. The stuff I used on my hat is definitely silicon based, but that's on leather, so ok.