Birthday Gills

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Frederick V. C.

May 16, 2022
Yesterday was a milestone for me in more ways than one. Made me realize how fortunate I am to be able to fish, play live music and enjoy my family. That said, I agreed to meet a fly fishing buddy at our local lake a little before dark. There was a father son team flailing my favorite spot so I went to my back up and caught a bull on my first cast on a Bully Blue gill spider. Manged a handful before my friend arrived around 9pm.

Fish were coming up pretty well just before dark, and we hooked and missed a bunch on medium sized poppers. Lots of fun sounds of takes and misses with some nice hook ups thrown in. As it got dark, the bite died for a bit but when the moon came up they turned on again. Beautiful strawberry moon btw; worth the price of admission. Got outfished by a bit but in my defense my friend has been night fishing this lake for some time and I'm usually more of a morning guy. Left the lake at 10:30 and plan to try it again; maybe from our kayaks on a warm evening.
Can't beat that simplicity. What's your rod of choice for panfish?
My favorite is an 8'6" 5 wt. I built years ago on a Loomis IMX blank but it's a little fast for poppers. That said, I like it cause I can fling and indicator and two flies a fair distance. Also uses a cheap L.L.Beans stream light for poppers a little clunkier but much more forgiving action. There are some big bass in the mix which is why I usually use a 5wt. Generally I have two rods rigged and ready.