2 or 3 weight Euro nymphing rod?

I think the 2wt vs 3wt nymph rod debate isn't specific enough. It's generally perceived that a 3wt will have more backbone and rigidity but that is not always the case. It's generally perceived that a 2wt is more of a specialty rod and a 3wt is more general purpose, the 3wt 10 footer being the preferred rod for most. For me, my 2wt nymph rod is my all-rounder (indicator nymphing and both tight-line) and my 3wt 10ft is my tight-line specific rod, of which, I have used for tight-lining only a few times, and in those few (less than 5 times) I wasn't very good at it. My 2wt tosses an indicator superbly and does dries ok, my 3wt 10ft rod is a very close range rod and more sensitive with that proverbial "heavy swing weight" feel I like in a tight-line specific rod.

In the future I will be purchasing a 2wt 11 footer and a 4wt 11 footer. The last time I fished on Penns I wanted a nymph rod with a bit more reach and I need to see if a 2wt will have enough backbone for that particular creek.

I think a lineup of specific rod models needs to be compared to provide a more accurate result. In modern times the blur between 2 and 3wt rods in general is quite blurred. Still, a good and insightful vid from our lord and savior.
I started Euro nymphing many years ago when the only rods I could find in my price range were the CZN rods and they only came in 10' 3 or 4 wt. I bought the 4wt and used a WF 4 wt. line and a 9-foot leader. I learned a lot with that rod but just like everything else things have progressed rapidly in this style of fishing with special lines, leaders with built-in sighters and many new rods on the market.

I have a new 10'4" 2wt ordered to take advantage of all this new technology. Hopefully it will be here in a few days and I can see what it is like to go from old tech to the new tech rods. My reason for choosing the 2wt is because many of the guys I know the fish this style, are using 2wt's and they are all very good fisherman. Also, with the 4wt as a backup I don't think a 3wt would have felt much different.

Just my 2 cents. :)
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An update on my 2wt rod. I finally got out to fish it today and am very pleased with it. It will be replacing my 4wt nymph rod. Reasons being it is very light and I didn't get tired fishing it like the 4wt. It handled fish well with a deep bend but no bounce so every fish stayed hooked up.
I ordered a Rio shorty which included an 11-footleader. The leader was rated for 2 to 5Wt rods. It cast well but I feel it wasn't as sensitive as a Micro leader. All the fish takes were very soft and you really had to keep an eye on the sighter to look for any small movements.
So, to sum up, I feel the new tech is an improvement over the old. Granted I would still be fishing the old rod and still do well but the new rod will handle big fish and I don't get tired fishing it.
Just my 2cents :)