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Re: how many fish can you catch?

2012/10/24 19:22
From Landenberg, PA
Posts: 418
most trout i ever caught is four.

its more about a day outside for me.

1 fish is a day. anymore than than 5 or 6 is too easy - i came into fly fishing from Atlantic Salmon fishing then striper fly fishing.

I once had three fresh salmon one Morning on the Cork Blackwater where i have a small house - that is a day of a lifetime.

two years ago i had three sightfished keepers (stripers over 28" ) one dawn on Cape Cod Bay. i went home after that for a fried breakfast to celebrate.

it's what ever floats your boat guys.

Posted on: 2013/3/2 21:22
nowhere is so sweet, as the bosom of the vale where the bright waters meet.

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2009/9/14 12:48
Posts: 22
For numbers, I doubt if I've ever made it past 30-45 fish. That has happened quite a few times, but I simply don't have the attention span to go for numbers for longer than 3 hours. If they were hammering dries or streamers it might be different, but I've never been in a situation where it was so fast and furious that I could catch 10-15 wild browns per hour all day long without using nymphs. Those days are really, really rare.

I spend most of my time fishing streamers that are more than 3" long. Typically this will get me one or two fish an hour, but I see twice as many big fish as I catch and this is fun to me. When you get right down to it, I'm not real interested in catching trout that are under a pound. I gravitate to places where bigger fish are more prevalent. Once the skunk is off I will pull my streamer out of the water away from a small trout rather than let him eat it.

I manage to hit my share of great hatches while streamer fishing. If the fish are rising like mad, I put down the streamer rod and throw dries. It's just about impossible to predict when trout will go nuts for a daytime hatch. Some days it just happens and you get lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Wild brookies over 9" are special fish but I don't think its ethical to hammer 100+ brookies out of a small mountain stream. From my perspective, catching a hundred six-inch fish is wrong. Either do something to target the bigger fish or skip every other pool so as to give some fish a pass. Brookies are way too susceptible to angling to justify trying to rack up numbers on tiny mountain streams. Those fish eat almost everything that they see.

The Frank Nale stories about spending twelve hours to catch 200+ brookies from small mountain streams sicken me. I think this is despicable. I realize that people have the right to do this kind of thing, but I have zero respect for it. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should.

Posted on: 2013/3/3 10:54

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2006/12/29 10:00
From Harrisburg
Posts: 18
In my youth trout fishing was immensely popular. Almost all the kids would go out for first day and the Perkiomen and Unami would be packed. Say 35 yrs ago.
The in-season stockings back then never gave the exact day, only the week. This one kid and myself were known to be the best and we finally had a show-down during one of those in-season stockings. I'm not saying the whole school knew about it, but alot of kids did. We were both able to skip school the thursday of that week and it was infact the day they stocked.
My spot was the Palm Hill bridge area and I took 176? 170 something and ofcourse I felt just a tad confident with my totals. His name was Jeff and his spot was Leshers Mill area and he took 272? I remember he wasnt known to be a liar and I believed him and conceeded to defeat. Never underestimate the power of green giant niblets.

Today, it seems when I hit double digits I get the feeling of a successful day of fishing. Best dry fly day when I was still counting was 48. Almost all are enjoyable. There is the rare exceptions when I shouda stayed home in a nice dry bed.
The first time I fished Clinton counties Fishing creek and took 16 on beetles seems to be a memory I cant shake or duplicate.

Posted on: 2013/3/4 6:07

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2006/9/13 22:36
From Tioga co. formerly of bucks co.
Posts: 356
I catch as many as I feel like catching...

Posted on: 2013/3/4 7:13

So many Fish, So little time !!!
from the outer edge of nowhere
fly tying and fishing ghillie..

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 2370
I know Spring Creek pretty well and I have fished with guys who claim they religiously catch 40-50 on it. They have NEVER caught close to that many when I have fished with them and my 15 were actually more than them. I would love to see somebody have a 50 fish day.

Allan, I've fished Spring Creek a LOT. I've topped 50 exactly once. And that was with live minnows in the winter, which is kind of like cheating, lol. With fly gear, high single digits to low teens is normal (i.e. average). I have worse and better days, of course. My absolute best days there put me into the low 30's, and that mostly occurred during the start of the BWO hatch, before word of the BWO hatch gets out, and while the trout are gorging themselves on the first major hatch after a long winter.

Posted on: 2013/3/4 7:41

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2013/1/27 10:24
From Sweet Valley
Posts: 165
Pcray, thanks for the info! I was sitting here thinking...What the heck am I doing wrong? lol Although, I am sure there is a lot that I do 'wrong' but I agree with you 100% about Spring Creek and my perceived 'average' day on it. Next time the cicadas are here you should make sure you fish it. I caught 39, all on cicadas on top, a few years ago. That is by far the most trout I have caught on one day. I can't wait until they come back... Going to daydream about it.... best day ever...

Posted on: 2013/3/4 20:16

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2010/9/27 18:05
Posts: 0
I've read through this 5 times now, and can you sit there and spout these numbers? First of all, who sits around and counts fish all day? Second of all, COME ON. Fly fishing isn't about measuring, so why are we doing it here?

Posted on: 2013/3/6 18:00

Edited by Maurice on 2013/3/7 9:08:30

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2011/3/31 12:18
From Clearfield
Posts: 370
See, that's the funny thing about perspective everyone has one, and they're usually different. I personally don't typically count fish, as I've stated already, but that doesn't mean I think other people shouldn't. If they do, that's cool, if they don't, that's cool too.

Posted on: 2013/3/6 18:17

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2011/9/27 20:41
From Central PA
Posts: 1
wow, what did this turn into?

i have been wondering for years how many fish i catch so last year i counted otherwise it is an would be supprised when you actually count them it seems like you hit 10 buy you only have 6 or 7, think you have 30 and you really only have 19 and 2 suckers.

anyway maybe i should have asked you to define crushing, slaying, killing em instead of asking how many you actually caught.

anyway, good luck to all. we might end up loosing our right to bear arms but we all should keep the right to bear rods!

please practice catch and release unless you are fishing for salmon in the salmon river. :)

Posted on: 2013/3/7 0:16

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2012/2/15 16:35
From Butler, Pa
Posts: 17
You sit around and count numbers all day when you hook fish after fish with your father and best friend and get to laugh and call jokes as to who will catch the most or who goes in a tree. keep in mind, when your 16 and 17 and your whole life you have been preached competitiveness than that is how you do it and can sprout numbers, whats it matter if your having fun?

Posted on: 2013/3/7 1:21

Re: how many fish can you catch?

2009/2/19 19:59
From Mont Co, Pa
Posts: 438

808transplant wrote:
I've read through this 5 times now, and can you sit there and spout these numbers?

I guess the answer to this is because that's what the OP asked? Why did you have the need to "read through this 5 times"? lol You make it sound like it's a chore to keep track of how many trout you caught. It really isn't.

Posted on: 2013/3/7 8:39
Protect the resource, let them go.

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