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Simms Guide Boots Product Review

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 06/13/2011 (6140 reads)
Simms Guide BootsMy old felt wading boots of six years were getting a little long in the tooth this past winter. With Maryland and other states banning felt soled boots it seemed like a good opportunity for some new boots.

I picked up the Simms Guide Boot at the Fly Fishing Show at Somerset from TCO Flyshop. I have had plenty of time in these boots over while in the past few months.

The Vibram rubber soled StreamTread with HardBite Star Cleats are awesome! I was really worried this combo could not stack up to my old felts and studs, but not so. I could get around easily even during the high waters this spring on the Little J and First Fork.

The leather construction is very solid. Simms put a lot of time into the design of the support and you can really feel the difference. The Simms Guide Boots are easy to put on and feel great even have been in them for all day.

I really like the speed lacing design and quality of the of the laces. Seems small, but my old boots the laces always seemed to come undone.

Really unmatched quality in the construction and comfort these wading boots provide.

Net Net: Awesome boots, worth the investment and get the HardBite Star Cleats.
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Author Thread
Published: 2011/6/13 11:56  Updated: 2011/6/13 11:56
Joined: 04/22/2010
Comments: 7
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
does the leather dry and shrink. I had the old leather guides. you would have to wet them to get into them.
Published: 2011/6/13 11:58  Updated: 2011/6/13 12:01
Joined: 05/26/2011
From: Dauphin PA
Comments: 24
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
I got mine before they offered the rubber soles and they are a serious boot. Very comfy and great support. Not a cheap boot but worth the investment.

They shrink up a little but I got mine a size big and wear a heavy wool sock over the wader bootie. Wetting them first never hurts.
Published: 2011/6/13 12:25  Updated: 2011/6/13 12:25
Joined: 10/05/2009
Comments: 4
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
ive looked at the simms boots and have simms waders but i went with korkers and this is my second year with them and i love them you can change soles and they have the boa lacing system witch is no laces.
Published: 2011/6/13 16:35  Updated: 2011/6/13 16:35
Joined: 09/08/2006
Comments: 1836
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
A lot of good choices out there.

The leather did shrink up just a little, but like Krayfish said I got mine bigger and I use wool socks as well.
Published: 2011/6/15 10:05  Updated: 2011/6/15 10:05
Joined: 06/19/2010
From: Clinton County, Pa.
Comments: 296
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
I have had my Guide Boots for over three years. They are great. Very comfortable even after a long day of flyfishing. I will buy another when these wear out. You get what you pay for!
Published: 2011/6/18 22:14  Updated: 2011/6/18 22:14
Joined: 06/19/2007
From: Lancaster County
Comments: 1126
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
Not that wading boots are meant to be backpacking boots, but several times a year, I combine the two and have had a mixed bag of success and failures with wearing wading boots on the way back to the vehicle. One year, I had a pair of Korkers, that killed the soles of my feet, because they had little arch support; last year, I added a pair of arch support soles and they worked like a champ. This year, the Korkers are shot, and I went to the Cabelas Ultralight wading boots that had been my backup pair. BAD choice - no ankle support, a shade too small and my feet were killing me by the end of each day, pack or no pack.

So, if you were hiking instead of fishing, and carrying a 40 pound pack, would you pick the Simms Guide boots?
Published: 2011/6/20 11:59  Updated: 2011/6/20 11:59
Joined: 02/13/2008
From: West Lawn, PA
Comments: 23
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
My wife got me these for Christmas this past year. I love them. They are all they said they would be.
Published: 2011/6/22 8:55  Updated: 2011/6/22 8:55
Joined: 05/17/2009
From: Media Pa
Comments: 94
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
I got this years version of the Orvis side zip boot. Much better than last years version. Orvis changed to cleats instead of the tiny studs. Feel much safer in the water with the cleated version.
Published: 2013/2/19 14:09  Updated: 2013/2/19 14:09
Joined: 02/19/2013
From: South Williamsport, PA
Comments: 5
 Re: Simms Guide Boots Product Review
I had a pair of these for about 3 years. Completely demolished. Seams fell apart, holes in the leather, and soles worn through. I want to say that I fish pretty hard and this is the main reason for the boots' destruction but I'm not sure. I don't think that I fish harder in these boots than a guide getting paid to do the same. They are made overseas, as are all others, but leather products- especially boots- ultimately become junk. I understand that there are certain things to do to take good "care" of the Guide Boot but I also feel that the design of the boot should take into consideration that these boots are made to be worn in water and then dried 1,000 times in the lifetime of the boot. Water and leather don't mix in such extreme conditions. I roughed it last season with pebbles in my boots and poor support because I felt I had to justify the money I spent on these boots. Going synthetic with Korkers KGB.

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