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Fly Tying Swaps of 2011

Published by Dave Kile [dkile] on 12/12/2011 (4956 reads)
Fly tying swaps are one of those pretty cool outcomes of Paflyfish that I never anticipated when the site was started many years ago. Sadly, I can barely tie my boots let alone a Blue Winged Olive CDC Cripple.

blue winged oliveSo when I see others putting together #14 caddis pupae with ice dubbing I get a little envious. I think my eyesight is getting worse by the second and probably won't even be able to see my AARP card when it comes in next year, so staring down a #24 hook and tying up a midge I might as well be changing the radiator in my wife's car. I am much better at computers, I can at least enlarge the font on the screen.

For those not familiar with the swaps that happen in the Fly Tying forum they are an often random proposal suggested by the members of the forum on a specific theme of flies for a swap. Over the past year there have been several swaps including: Holiday, BWO, Beginner, Meat Box, Sulphur, Steelhead and Midge to name a few.

People then sign up in the thread and share ideas about what fly they want to tie. A participant in the swap then completes enough of their flies to share with others in the swap and sends them off to the swap organizer. Fly tying recipes are included to keep each other educated on the ties being shared. They are then organized and mailed back out to the group.

Kudos for those who have organized these swaps over the years. I can only imagine they are like herding cats at times. Flyfishermanj has been in the center of several of these swaps over the last year. He recently shared a few dozen flies with me including a March Brown Varient by flytyingfred and a Snow Shoe Sulphur Emerger from Boss_Steb. All these fine flies masterfully tied.

Flyfishermanj explained that he enjoyed seeing ties and techniques from others. He now has added some of those patterns from others to his own fly box. The swaps work well with an influx of new tiers participating with the regulars.

FreguentTyer also shared with me the flies from the BWO Swap this past fall. It was loaded with CDC split wings, comparduns, loopwing emergers and several other attractive patterns.

Some upcoming swaps will be the annual PAFF Swap and a possible Drake Swap too. The Drake sounds good as that is a fly I can easily see. You can check the swaps and other conversations about fly tying in the forum.

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Author Thread
Published: 2011/12/13 11:08  Updated: 2011/12/13 11:08
Joined: 06/08/2008
From: Pittsburgh
Comments: 192
 Re: Fly Tying Swaps of 2011
now those are some good looking olives!

but seriously, thanks to all of the guys that host the swaps and thanks to the mods and dkile for giving us a place to have them.
Published: 2011/12/20 7:50  Updated: 2011/12/20 7:51
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: Monessen, PA
Comments: 2787
 Re: Fly Tying Swaps of 2011
I participated in a couple early swaps. I was easily the poorest tier in the group. Since then, my interest in fly tying is at an all time low. Thankfully, you guys keep my boxes full by sending me complimentary flies, and I pick up a few here and there, as well as still occasionally tie for myself. I am glad the tradition of organizing these swaps through the message board has expanded and that so many more are getting involved-- and not just because of the complimentary flies .

Thanks to all the organizers and tyers for helping to make PAFF not only very helpful, but also very much fun.

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