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wader repair

2007/5/29 23:38
Posts: 3
My new breathable waders connected with a thorn and really bummed me out. Do these repair kits really work or is it another way for someone to get more money? If they do work does anyone have an opinion on the best company?

Posted on: 2007/9/29 0:30

Re: wader repair
Hi, Buck B.!!
I've "tried 'em all", I think, over the many years on the water and tearing up all kinds of waders in the process.
There are two repair kits for waders, after all the ones I've tried, that I won't leave home without them both...........
One, is simply called; "The Orvis Wader Repair Kit". I've easily fixed my 3 and 5 m.m neos with this kit, as well as a pair of my breathables. I've fixed small holes with this kit, while eating a snack, streamside, then went right back, into the water, leak fixed, after about 20 minutes.
The 2nd, and the one I like the most, really, is Loon Products, "UV Light Wader Repair kit. I like IT the "best", because it's the fastest repair maker I've ever seen and you can repair not only any type of wader with it, but the adhesive, when applied to knots, then hit for a second, with the included UV light, makes a permanent, smooth, and flexible knot connection.
You can also use this adhesive, for making very fast nicely molded, soft heads on streamers of any size!! Merely mold the head, with your fingers, hit it when you're happy with your handi work with the UV light and the head is done, in like 30 seconds!
But, as a wader repair, raingear repair, you can pretty well name it, repair............ the Loon UV Light Kit is the best I've found!
Now, as a "how to" on repairing waders, I've found the article about wader repairs, on to be a great instructional page, on wader repairs. On their home page, click on "tackle" then on "wader repairs"! Good luck!

Posted on: 2007/9/29 3:46

Re: wader repair

2006/9/13 22:36
From Tioga co. formerly of bucks co.
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I agree on the orvis kit, not because i worked for them but it works, also the loon kit and i like to use lexol, great if they are wet..and the zap-a-gap in tube form works very quickly...I keep one or more here to do repairs for people...

Posted on: 2007/10/1 16:26

So many Fish, So little time !!!
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Re: wader repair

2006/10/19 14:21
Posts: 0
As an option to the store-bought repair kits, I use my own. I've kept material from an old-old pair of waders and cut it in various sizes -- patches and strips. I then use Automotive Goop which is a very, very strong watyerproof adhesive. A BIG tube costs 4 or 5 bucks and will last a very long time. (Also great for gluing new felts on boots.) Brush a thin coating of cement on the patch and press/clamp it to the inside of the wader wear the leak is until it sets. Has worked well for me over the last couple of seasons. My breathables are now 7 years old and though they look likescarecrows pants on the inside, they still remain watertight. Just another option for you.

rising fish always

Posted on: 2007/10/1 16:40

Re: wader repair

2007/5/29 23:38
Posts: 3
Schrec good advice, I dont care if they look scarecrow like either. I did go buy another pair, and will make one set a winter pair and the other a summer pair. The ones that are winter wear are the ones that I repaired. Man I hope I fixed that hole.

Posted on: 2007/10/3 23:56

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