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Labeling Spools

2009/8/18 11:26
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I have collected a few varying spools for a single reel that I carry with me or leave stored at home. Plus some weight lines I have multiple fly lines are varying reels. Its getting a little cumbersome to remember which line color is what or what reel has what on it at any given time.

Last year I tried the stick on round labels you typically see at yard sales. That worked for a bit, but the stickers often fall off.

Was wondering what everyone uses to label reels/spools for line weights, type of lines, etc…

I have not yet ventured into the realm of interchangeable head lines yet. It scares me and from a lot of what I read, they don't preform as well.

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Posted on: 2014/3/24 19:25

Re: Labeling Spools

2011/7/7 20:06
From South Central,PA
Posts: 162
Try writing somewhere on the inside the spool with a sharpie. On black spools try a silver fine tip paint pen.

Posted on: 2014/3/24 21:44

Re: Labeling Spools

2012/1/9 19:50
From Etters,Pa
Posts: 0
I use the same type reel case but I keep all my reels in pouches and put a label on the zipper pull of each pouch. Another option is to wrap each spool with a white Velcro band or 1" wide elastic and write on that. You could wrap a small section of pipe cleaner with tape, label the tape and wrap it around the reel foot. You could use a black sharpie and make black bands on the end of your fly line to tell what each one is I.E 5 black bands for a 5wt, 3 bands for 3wt, thicker bands means WF, skinny for DT. How about just writing on a small piece white plastic(milk jug) with a sharpie what reel/line weight and keep it in the spot with the reel. Lots of options.

Posted on: 2014/3/24 22:32

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Re: Labeling Spools

2008/3/11 9:40
From Bucks County
Posts: 712
I have multiple reels and fly lines, 2 four wts, 2 five wts, etc, on various reels and spools.

I use very small white sleeves with a pre-stamped number but I don't think they are made/sold any more. I used to use those 1" sq sticky labels on the reel or spool and made a backup doc showing line weight and spool / reel description on my pc.

I use excel and also keep a list of all my rods and reels: make, size, wtg, yr bought, etc.

Posted on: 2014/3/27 10:51

Re: Labeling Spools

2007/4/8 20:43
Posts: 19
Sharpie and mark the tip of the line by drawring bars around the line.

Thin bars for incremetns of 1, thick for increments of 5.

Posted on: 2014/3/27 11:07
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Re: Labeling Spools

2009/7/29 10:25
Posts: 249
I use the same color rio lines on diff spools and just scratch the line wght into the back of the spool with a nail

Posted on: 2014/3/27 11:15

Re: Labeling Spools

2006/9/9 13:12
From Berks County & Benton PA
Posts: 152
Just take a sharpie marker and put some dots on the fly line. i.e 4 dots for a 4 weight line etc.


Posted on: 2014/3/31 6:34

Re: Labeling Spools

2006/10/18 17:32
From Bucks County
Posts: 28
Most lines come with a sticker that you can adhere to the inside spool. If not use a piece of tape and a sharpie. No need to damage the spool this way.

Posted on: 2014/3/31 8:55
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