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Chest style fly box

2012/6/5 21:59
Posts: 240
I'm looking for feed back on a Chest style fly box, Richardson or FYE. I'm thinking about changing my current set up, which is a heavy hauler lanyard, which holds nippers, forceps, shot, fly treatment, 6 rolls of tippet,wonder patch,& cork to hold flies. Then I dangle two small 2 sided clear fly boxes from my neck which hold about 60 flies each. Would going Richardson style be taking a step backwards with all the new fancy chest packs that are now available?

Posted on: 2018/10/3 15:25
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Re: Chest style fly box

2010/5/28 0:25
Posts: 619
A chest fly box is just that, a convenient way to carry/access flies. I sold mine years ago because it still required me to wear a vest to carry other things, including some of the things you mentioned. And I never really liked having something rigid on my chest.

Todays chest packs are versatile, have multiple compartments. But I prefer a simple sling pack.

Posted on: 2018/10/3 16:01
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Re: Chest style fly box

2013/12/7 0:10
From SE Pa
Posts: 737
I never owned a chest box simply because I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to carrying stuff. I can't comment on a chest box but I can on the sling and waist packs. Personally I think the sling packs are so versatile that they would make the chest boxes obsolete to anybody who does not carry a ton of flies. Most times i just have a convertible lanyard with a couple small boxes in my pockets for local trips. If I'm traveling a few hours I will take more flies and use a sling/lumbar pack with the lower portion (no neck strap) of my lanyard attached between my wader straps to hold nippers, floatant, tippet, forceps, and such.

Pack light freeze at night.

Posted on: 2018/10/3 19:56

Re: Chest style fly box

2010/5/28 0:25
Posts: 619
Here is something else to consider about chest boxes, happened to me in the 80's:

One time I tripped over an old fence wire hidden on the ground. I slammed down hard, and my sternum ached for weeks. Felt good that I didn't break a bone.

Took a spill in the Beaverkill River and the Buskill, screwed up my day in both cases, had to go back to the truck and empty the chest box and dry my flies and the box.

Stuff happens.

Posted on: 2018/10/3 20:50
I would say he tweets like a 12 year old, but that would be an insult to 12 year old's all over the world

Re: Chest style fly box

2011/6/12 20:15
From Newville, PA
Posts: 184
Laszio: I have fished a 4 drawer Richardson for 45 years and don’t leave home without it. That said, it is not a stand alone option unless you are willing to have at least 2 drawers set up for carry of miscellaneous items and larger flies like streamers.

I took the dividers out of one drawer to accomodate streamers, leaders, tippet, weight, nippers, etc., but I still needed a small hip pack.

Outsider: I know of what you speak. There is a 4 foot stone wall on Big Spring that I tried to scamper over and lost my footing. I had a rectangular bruise for weeks.

Posted on: 2018/10/3 21:57
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Re: Chest style fly box

2006/12/7 18:13
Posts: 372
I am also a Richardson user for a zillion years but also utilize a fishing shirt and what could be described as a fanny pack for other stuff.

Nothing beats the convenience of having your flies right in front of you versus fumbling in pockets for fly boxes that can be dropped.

It's not a coincidence I never see "Lost Chest Box" on the lost & found page.

As far as falling, I don't worry about it.

However before you take the plunge, lay out all of your kit and think long & hard about how to manage storage of your stuff. It may sound crazy but I spent MANY hours working out scenarios before I committed to buying mine.

Richardson boxes aren't cheap and there are more than a few used ones for sale because someone guessed wrong.

Posted on: 2018/10/4 12:07

Re: Chest style fly box

2006/9/21 0:02
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 1114
When I broke into this sport - in 1980 - all the guys I fished with then wore Richardson chest boxes.
I remember trying one of theirs on and fishing with it for awhile.
And quickly realizing that it wasn't for me. Just didn't like having all those fly boxes bunched up right in the middle of my chest. They seemed to be in the way while landing and releasing fish - and while changing flies

I started wearing shorty vests shortly afterward.
And carry around 8-10 boxes of flies with me at all times. And know what pocket each one is in. Really no fumbling around for me.

I can understand the advantage of not having to hold a fly box.
But I'm just so used to tucking the rod under my arm while changing flies - freeing up both hands - that it's something I really do out of habit now. And don't even think about it

Posted on: 2018/10/5 20:51

Re: Chest style fly box

2006/9/11 13:05
From Reedsville
Posts: 415
I have 3 Down's box systems.
I have my main set up with a full backpack and side pouch which carries everything I need. I use 4 trays with this and the backpack is mostly for comfort but I can put food and water or a raincoat in it.
I have a "light" pack with is just 2 trays. In the front tray I carry nippers and hemos and a spool of tippet; oh and some bigger flies. The back try is flies. I have the water bottle light weight pack for this.
My 3rd set up is even more basic and is just the straps and two trays. I mostly use this for bass.

I love mine and the only time i don't use it is brookie fishing when I just take a small box of flies.

Posted on: 2018/10/8 12:40
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