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grannom emerger

2006/12/1 12:07
Posts: 302
critique needed. im hoping to get to Penns Creek and fish the upcoming grannom hatch. I came up with this emerger pattern.

size 12 caddis hook
wing - medium deer hair
shuck - green antron yarn
dubbing - antron - black and olive mix

would you change anything?

Resized Image

Posted on: 2013/4/7 20:52

Re: grannom emerger

2011/6/16 0:22
Posts: 119
More movement. The best all around pattern for the grannom is a good soft hackle. I don't care what phase of the hatch it is in, soft hackles will catch fish better than any other. They can imitate ann emerging adult, a drown adult and the pupa stage.

Posted on: 2013/4/7 21:38

Re: grannom emerger

2009/12/17 20:43
From Souderton PA
Posts: 948
It looks nice. Your shuck is probably a bit on the heavy side. You could go with about 25% of the material you have there. Also, that deer hair is probably not going to float the fly for very long. You could consider a few turns of hackle in front of the deer hair. Try it and see what the fish think.

Posted on: 2013/4/7 21:54
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Re: grannom emerger

2013/3/14 7:13
From Norwich, CT
Posts: 309
is the shuck really that color?

Posted on: 2013/4/8 6:43
Fly tyers can be masters at making things complicated!

Re: grannom emerger

2006/9/13 22:36
From Tioga co. formerly of bucks co.
Posts: 5923
shuck is a tannish / white/ clear color.

Posted on: 2013/4/8 6:59

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Re: grannom emerger

2006/10/18 15:46
From Patterson twp, Pa (Beaver Falls)
Posts: 6276
good info so far. having a minimal amount of deer hair isn't necessarily a bad thing. It may float just below the film, which is where an emerger is quite vulnerable. Change up the trailing shuck, or just remove it.

Soft hackles are killer. Dark dubbing or turkey for the body and a few turns of partridge will do it. You can add a bead or weight if you want. Swing 3 of them at a time and hold on!

Wets are good for caddis, but I enjoy the takes on top with dries. Be prepared with both and you'll do just fine.

Posted on: 2013/4/8 16:35

Re: grannom emerger

2006/12/1 12:07
Posts: 302
I have had great sucess with that type of pattern but I couldnt find a recipe (colors) for a grannom caddis emerger. I was close. ill change the shuck to a light brown. maybe ill add a hackle to a couple of them. im tying a bunch up. thanks guys for all the help.

Posted on: 2013/4/8 17:00

Re: grannom emerger

2006/11/2 8:50
Posts: 7193
Size 12 is pretty big. Try size 14 instead.

Posted on: 2013/4/8 17:03

Re: grannom emerger

2006/9/11 12:00
Posts: 324
Too heavy on the shuck and it should not be colored. Clear or an off-white antron is perfect. Only the pupa are green. I've had the opportunity to watch grannoms swim through the water column. I have only seen the green in the larva Grayish chocolate brown body for the emerger is right. The short wing is good. I use snowshoe hare foot for the wing. It floats the fly plus you can pull it under and swing it and not just drift it dead. To mirror what others have said, the soft hackle cannot be overestimated. You can do this a lot of ways, but, as a standard, a sz. 14 and 16 peacock wetfly beadhead with a pull-over of antron or some such thing to immitate the shimmer of the bubble of the emergent pupa should catch a bunch. Don't ignore shallow drifting pupa or tightlining them with a beadhead or a tiny split shot. If trout are being picky, knowing how to manipulate a wet fly in the water column and in the current of the drift can put you into some serious fishing.

Posted on: 2013/4/8 22:04

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