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Re: Early Stone Fly Patterns
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2881
Maurice - it is a fun hatch and it’s the only game in town in the winter, except for midges. Trying to tie on a size #28 midge with freezing hands gets old quickly.

I tie a similar dry pattern:

Hook - #18 dry fly
Tail – 2 black dyed deer or elk fibers split
Body – black synthetic dubbing – tied very THIN and tapered
Overbody – Black deer or elk hairs tied flat over body just short of the hook bend
Wing – black colored (with marker) tyvek cut to shape (elongated tear drop) extending slightly past the hook bend
Hackle – black or dark dun

Skittering the fly sounds like a good plan. I’ll have to give it a try that way. The tandem dry with a nymph dropper is a good idea. I do have some success with nymphs in the margins of the stream when I see them crawling on the bank in the snow. Most guys stand in the water that they should be fishing in. I suppose most fish are too lethargic to rise, and take the nymph when it’s put right in front of its nose. The nymph pattern I use is very simple:

Hook - # 16 Scud / pupa hook or #18 nymph hook
Tails – 2 split black deer or elk fibers
Body - THIN black synthetic dubbing
Rib – black or silver wire
Thorax – black /dark gray dubbing - natural fur with lots of guard hairs
Head – small (2.0MM) black bead

No need for a wing case on such a small fly. I also tie up some nymphs substituting the dubbed abdomen with all black wire to add more weight to the fly.

I haven’t fished much lately during winter stonefly time. I fished it all the time when I lived in the Poconos a few years ago. I’m going to make it my business to fish the stonefly hatch this winter. Heck, somebody has to do it!

Everyone and their families – have a great holiday!

Posted on: 2006/11/23 8:40

Re: Early Stone Fly Patterns

2006/9/20 7:20
From SE Pa.
Posts: 19
try black woven stone
tail -black biots
body-black embroidery thread (woven)
thorax-black dubbing ,black hackle,black
wing case-black quill or swiss straw
hook-dry or nymph

Posted on: 2006/11/24 23:25

Re: Early Stone Fly Patterns

2006/9/28 14:40
From Philadelphia
Posts: 11
This is excellent information. Thanks to all.

Posted on: 2006/11/25 10:46

Re: Early Stone Fly Patterns

2006/9/11 11:30
Posts: 198
Here's mine:

Hook: 3906B start with 12, but go down to 16 if I need too (which isn't often)
Tail: Sparse short black calftail
Abdomen: Black wool yarn
Wing Case: Gray Antron
Thorax: Black wool yarn - same as abdomen only a touch thicker
Hackle: One turn of black hen.

Tie it slim. Occasionally I add a black bead for weight.

Many winters this is the only fly I use.

Posted on: 2006/11/30 13:12

Re: Early Stone Fly Patterns

2006/9/28 14:40
From Philadelphia
Posts: 11
This is good stuff. Maurice, I tied a couple using the pattern you described. They look very fishy. Am copying other patterns now and will give them a try. If anyone subscribes to American Angler, there's an early black stonefly article. Actually, if you don't subscribe, look for it on the news stands, there are a number of good articles for us East coast guys.

Posted on: 2006/12/1 17:34

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