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Creek Chubs

2006/9/13 23:35
From SW PA
Posts: 1581
Catch them all the time, and you know the lunkers are eating them too. So what is your favorite creek chub-like fly? Haven't really given it much thought, but a white wooly bugger would probaly be the closest thing I fish with. Whata bout younze guys?


Posted on: 2008/6/8 12:26
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Re: Creek Chubs

2006/12/1 12:07
Posts: 302
Creek Chub imitation -- never really thought about it.

im guessing a big muddler minnow of some sort.

i may tie on up tonight if i have the right materials.

Posted on: 2008/6/8 23:33

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/9 22:43
From Delaware Co.
Posts: 3527
Ed Shenks white minnow is all you will need

Posted on: 2008/6/9 0:52
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Re: Creek Chubs

2007/10/7 0:44
From philadelphia
Posts: 872
oops i thought this thread was about CATCHING chubs.i love that.some of the chubs on the salmon river are bigger than most the trout i catch.

as far as imitating them i,i imagine a clouser would be good,or most bucktails in the right color.sometimes the chubs on valley and ridley are black with florescent red.

Posted on: 2008/6/9 3:50

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/11 11:41
From bucks cty
Posts: 997

shakey wrote:
oops i thought this thread was about CATCHING chubs.i love that.some of the chubs on the salmon river are bigger than most the trout i catch.

as far as imitating them i,i imagine a clouser would be good,or most bucktails in the right color.sometimes the chubs on valley and ridley are black with florescent red.

I also thought it was about catching em. Something I'm good at. I've even caught chubs that seemed a size 4 chub on a size 14 fly. Often wondered if I should just leave the little guy on and keep presenting the fly. Is that legal in a FF only area?

I've been trying to figure out a material to tie a silver Shenk's Minnow.

Posted on: 2008/6/12 14:58

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/9 7:33
From Hatfield, Pa.
Posts: 320
Think Ed Schenk uses Hareline Dubbing's Sculpin Wool, they uesd to carry it at Cold Spring Anglers. Believe the fly shop next to Daves on 611 has it or can get it.

Posted on: 2008/6/15 7:18

Re: Creek Chubs

2007/5/10 14:53
From Carlisle
Posts: 631
Shenks minnow and a krystal bugger are my favorite shiner/chub patterns.

I don't like the movement that you get with the wool, which you can get at bass pro suprisingly enough. I use hareline rabbit hair for my patterns. I tie my patterns in a faint olive, white, gray/white, and blue and white.

Posted on: 2008/6/23 10:15

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/11 11:47
From Harrisburg (originally Lititz)
Posts: 323
Earlier this year I was fishing a with a #10 BH white krystal bugger and I hooked a 7" chub. As I was bringing the chub to hand a 20+" brown trout came up and sucked in the entire chub. I played the trout for about 60 seconds until he spit the chub out and then took it in again briefly. A few days later I went out to buy a few large streamers (#4) and the lady at the counter said, "Wow, those flies are as big as some of the fish I catch." Unfortunately, I have not caught any large trout off the large streamers thus far. I would recommend using a conehead marabou muddler minnow in size #6 or #8 (olive is a great color to try). I just began using these this year and these flies have out-fished all my other streamer patterns. Give them a try sometime, and make sure they have the marabou or some other material to give them extra movement.

Posted on: 2008/6/29 22:57

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/13 22:36
From Tioga co. formerly of bucks co.
Posts: 5870
I tie this for Pine:
Thats milkweed for the wing..very similar to polar bear.

Attach file:

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Posted on: 2008/6/30 6:23

So many Fish, So little time !!!
from the outer edge of nowhere
fly tying and fishing ghillie..

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/11 13:05
From Lewistown
Posts: 3716
does the milkweed rot?

Posted on: 2008/6/30 9:38
><(Mkern{( ‘ >

Re: Creek Chubs

2008/7/16 8:47
From Orrtanna
Posts: 34
About Shenk's White minnow. He uses Artic Fox if thats not available he uses white wool. Artic fox is the way to go when making them.

Posted on: 2008/7/31 22:43

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
Posts: 13544
the shenks recipe I always use cal for rabbit...but those would work.

Posted on: 2008/8/1 9:27

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/11/15 10:49
Posts: 71
Try a thunder creek minnow in the appropriate colors. I caught one at valley last week.

Posted on: 2008/8/19 18:00

Re: Creek Chubs

2008/6/25 12:40
From Chester County
Posts: 292
Rckrego: How did you come across the pattern of the Thunder CreeK Minnow? I have no idea what this fly's pedigree is, but it was introduced to me for sheefish by a serious Alaskan trout fisherman. I have a dozen of them but it never occurred to me to use them here in PA.

Posted on: 2008/8/22 22:38

Re: Creek Chubs

2006/9/11 11:30
Posts: 617
The Thunder Creek series of streamers were designed by Keith Fulsher of NYS in the early 1960's for Eastern streams. They are imitative patterns of East coast minnows to target fussy browns. They were all the rage in the 1970's, but seem to have gotten out of popular use. However, they still work well.

Mr. Fulsher wrote a whole book about the Thunder Creek series and recently updated the patterns. It is a good read for streamer buffs. Tie them sparcely - it is easy to overdo it.

A great chub pattern from New Jersey for wild browns is Bob Jacklin's South Branch Chub, developed when he lived in New Jersey and fished the South Branch of the Raritan. However, this requires Monga Ring Cat tail for the underwing!

A final chub pattern (especially useful in May when the males are in spawning colors) is the old traditional Ken Lockwood bucktail.

Posted on: 2008/9/9 13:38

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