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4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2009/2/6 9:39
From Lehigh Valley Pa.
Posts: 0
OK im coming down to the last few weeks to tie for spring creek.

I've been tying subsurface flies that a few of you have suggested.
I've got John bar ultra wire flies in 5 colors (all flies in varing sizes from 10 - 24). I've got walts worm, several nymphs, green weenies, a few dry black gnats and sulfurs in sizes 18. Ive got a few black ants ... What would you guys suggest for Drys.. I'll be there from May 8th to @ the 13th.

Thanks in advance you guys have been great!

Posted on: 2009/4/13 12:24

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 53
You'll need scuds too.

For dries, the feathered hook's hatch chart is great:

Tie some bigger sulphurs. The little guys hatch later.

Posted on: 2009/4/13 12:48

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2006/9/10 7:44
From Enola, Pa.
Posts: 49
BWO, Sowbugs are always good on Spring!


Posted on: 2009/4/13 17:09
You got to be in it to win it!!

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
Have some tan caddis in size 16 and some craneflies about the same size. Don't rule out terrestrials at this time either - some small black beetles ought to get bit. There's always midges in some of the slower sections of Spring Creek as well.

Posted on: 2009/4/13 19:53

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2009/1/24 15:19
From Butler
Posts: 10
from what i've read -- possibly some stoneflies , BWOS and caddis

Posted on: 2009/4/13 23:20
Eat a Peach.

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2009/2/10 16:30
From SE PA
Posts: 1797
I was up on Spring this weekend. Looks like the hatches are running a week or more behind. I'd call Steve up at FFP and get his take.

Posted on: 2009/4/14 10:41

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2007/4/8 20:43
Posts: 19
On sow bugs: I saw a really interesting technique practiced by Joe Humphreys on his cress bug patterns.

He'll put a little dubbing on the hook, then uses lead sheets in leiu of lead wire and wraps them over. Tie in a grizzly hackle by the tips. Dub with squirrel. Palmer the hackle over the fly, tie off and snip end. He then cuts off the hackle from the top and sides of the fly, and smooshes the whole thing down with a pliers so the lead sheets over the bottom layer of dubbing flatten and give the fly a more natural profile.

You can use lead wire and get a similar effect (I imagine its not as pronounced, without one of his to compare to, though, I don't really know). I skip the lower dubbing layer, and will actually put a dab of superglue then slide the lead wraps over it. I notice the lead wire will sort of fracture under the pliers, so I think tis helps keep it in shape.

Posted on: 2009/4/14 12:13
April 8, 2007 - December 4, 2011.
And why not?

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2006/9/23 0:52
From Williamsport, PA
Posts: 456
Scuds and sow bugs are all you need. Walts Worms in a size 14 work great and they don't have to be anything special looking thats for sure. The fancy flies like copper johns and stuff keep those at home.

Posted on: 2009/4/14 21:23

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2007/4/12 8:01
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 14
I'm sure there are guys out there with much more experience on Spring Creek than me. But I'm always happy to share what has worked for me.

Obviously a lot of different things can work for you - and everyone has their favorites. But I have to agree that sowbug patterns have to be the most consistent subsurface patterns (for me). A size 14 or 12 Walts Worm is great for a sowbug imitation. That pattern has probably produced the most trout for me personally. I never caught fish consistently on Spring until I started using sow-bugs.

Lately I've gotten a little fancier and tie a Humphreys' Style sowbug as described in a post above - I'm not sure if it works better than the simple Walt's Worm or not but it looks more like the natural for sure, and it definitely works.

The other thing I'd be sure to have is black fur-ants that you can fish wet. Next to the sowbug patterns, an ant fished wet (deep with weight), as been my most productive pattern.

During the sulfur hatch - I've caught far more fish on the emerger than the dry. Fish the emerger as a dropper off of the dry. I tie a simple emerger pattern with Sulfur-Orange Fly-Rite dubbing for the body, Mallard (dyed wood-duck) for the shuck, a small tuft of gray muskrat as the emerging wing (not dubbing but from the pelt), and two or three dark-gray soft hackle fibers on each side as legs. Tie it very slim. Add a turn or two of small diameter lead wire to help it sink. Tie them in a few sizes say 14-18.

Obviously there are different bugs that are called sulfurs that will vary in size and color - in general be prepared with flies from 14 to 18. Also have some that are more yellow and some that are more orange. I prefer parachute-style flies - so that's what I usually use.

With the advise you get on the Forum here you'll be sure to catch fish.

Good luck

Posted on: 2009/4/18 11:45
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Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2006/11/2 8:50
Posts: 1704
In that time period the sulphurs will probably have started. So you'll want sulphurs in sizes 14 and 16. Nymph, dun, spinner patterns.

Posted on: 2009/4/19 9:36

Re: 4 more weeks to tie for Spring Creek!

2009/2/6 9:39
From Lehigh Valley Pa.
Posts: 0
thanks to all for your replys.... im tying

Posted on: 2009/4/21 18:44

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