World Record Bass on a Fly? (I doubt it)



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Sep 9, 2006
There's an interesting story developing down in GA over a lawsuit attempting to pry from an elderly gentleman his recipe for a fly that supposedly caught many giant largemouths, including world records, back in the 1950s and 60s.
Although an intriguing story - I'm skeptical to say the least. There is one (so far) published photo of one of the giant bass purporting to be an 18 pounder. Although I personally have never seen an actual largemouth over 9 pounds, the fish in the photo seems to be only about 9 or 10lbs based on the many photos I have seen of other giant bass. The court case also brings up the issue of intellectual property rights, and copyright, with regards to fly tying. I'll attempt to post the link, if it doesn't work, the story is on
In the the caption, it says the record was about 7lbs. heavier than the fish in the picture.

What's the odds that the "secret" pattern has never been duplicated by someone....
Go back and check its "continued update," if you haven't already....

The Internets, IMNSHO, has ruined 4/1.
Ha! (sound of hand slapping forehead).
Thanks for revealing me to be a sucker. :-D
Don't feel bad, I was pretty fascinated by the whole story and was curious about the fly myself right ot the end where I saw it had an update.
That's a pretty extensive April Fool's joke, but good nonetheless.

The Internet and April Fool's does create a quandary because so much of what we see and read we take as "gospel"...

Do you all remember the 9/11 pictures that came out not long after that fateful day? Like the gentlemen purportedly standing on top of the WTC with the plane coming in?