What Are You Tying Today?

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Recovering from the ol' ball snip surgery, so I've been off the water and back at the vise

Clearwater Callibaetis

Phil Rowley - Brian Chan

Hook - Mustad Heritage S82AP, size 12
Thread - Olive
Tail - Pheasant tail fibers
Body - Light-olive ice dubbing or a substitute
Rib - Fine copper wire
Back and wing case - A very small bunch of pheasant tail fibers
Legs - Mallard flank fibers, dyed yellow

Favorite Flies: A Comprehensive Guide to Tying and Fishing the Best Flies Available - David Klausmeyer
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Is it meant for you to see or the fish?
Who makes it??

I was thinking me - to help fish after dark for a spinner fall. It would prob just scare the hell out of the fish, unless they're chomping on some lightening bugs.

I tied the spent wings with EP fiber as a bottom to create the structure and then the glo yarn on the top. So, in theory, it's less visible from below.

Truthfully, I only did it because I just today realized this spool was glow in the dark. Must've picked it up randomly in a lot of thread at some point.
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Refilled my nymph box the past few days. I like to tie a lot of patterns to experiment with at different times of the year. I have a separate box with sz 20/22 nymphs. This box is primarily sz 16 hooks with bead sizes ranging from 2.5-4.0 mm. I also have a few weightless nymphs and soft hackles in this box and my other box. What else would you add? Looking to tie some more blowtorches soon.

As I always say - I put my flies in "backwards" because its easier for me to get them in/out this way with cold hands

Telephone Box

(Dr Burke pattern)

Hook - Wet-fly hook, sizes 10 to 14
Thread - Black
Tail -Golden pheasant tippet
Tip - Peacock herl tag
Body - Orange floss or wool
Rib - Black floss
Wing - Brown turkey and jungle cock
Hackle - Brown

Trout - Ray Bergman

Evening Dun

Tag - Silver tinsel
Body - Yellow seal's fur or substitute
Hackle - Yellow
Wing - Gray duck or goose quills


Dr Burke

Tail - Peacock sword
Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel
Body -Silver tinsel
Hackle - Yellow
Wing - White with jungle cock eye

Trout - Ray Bergman


Tail - Golden pheasant tippets
Ribbing - Orange silk
Body - Purple floss
Hackle - Brown
Wing - Light brown turkey

Trout - Ray Bergman

Red Fox

Tip - Gold tinsel
Tail - Mallard flank
Body - Light red fox underfur
Hackle - Brown
Wing - Slate

Trout - Ray Bergman

Substitution allowed for red fox underfur.