Trout Town, Dave Ames



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Nov 20, 2006
This is not a fly-fishing book and includes only a little fly-fishing. Instead, it is a story about a kidnapping that a PTSD veteran is hired to solve. The book is sprinkled with interesting characters. The book also includes some political philosophy that liberals might like and conservatives might not. Ames weaves things together pretty well, and the book is well-written (except for the bothersome misuse of the word "laying" for "lying"). The plot is somewhat contrived in spots, too.

As someone who thinks Ames' book "A Good Life Wasted" is a wonderful book, I don't think "Trout Town" quite measures up.

Even so, the book makes a nice evening or two of relatively light reading. My wife got it online for me, but since it's a new book, she didn't get it cheaply. I'd give it a 3.3 out of 5; and if you can get it at a reduced price, you might want to give it an evening or two.
I've only read one FF fiction novel, The River Why by David James Duncan. Honestly, fiction is not my thing. I did read A River Runs Through It, but took it to be a true story with some literary license. I probably won't be reading Trout Town.