Thread Derailments and Brookie Conversations

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Dec 13, 2021
Just in case anyone missed the conversations this week from the mods and me. We have been discussing and trying to deal with over abundance of threads getting derailed into arguments about brook trout and invasive species over and over again. Despite my public warnings and moderation of the issue it is still happening by a few people. Here is the message I shared in the thread that went sideways recently.

This thread is a poster child for the problem we have on the site and people are weary of this kind of topic. Me too! The issue goes like this
1. Topic goes get's derailed
2. The brook trout / invasive species topic gets started
3. It's an argument
4. it goes on and on and on

The easiest way to fix it is for those involved to STOP IT! The mods and I have been talking about this for over a week. Other people have expressed their views about it and it needs to end. This seems like some sort of some sort of Political Derangement Syndrome except it's about brook trout and invasive species.

Going forward STOP IT. We will be using random and extra moderation technics to stop this. DO NOT BOTHER ARGUING WITH ME ABOUT THIS. DO NOT POINT FINGERS AND BLAME SOMEONE ELSE. DO NOT BE FUNNY AND POKE THE BEAR. Warnings, suspensions and people will be banned going forward, and a few other things in my admin arsenal for the site will be used.

I can't be anymore explicit with what some people need to do and what will happen.
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