The New Fly Fisher



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Apr 24, 2014
I'm sure many here are familiar with the Canadian TV show The New Fly Fisher, but some folks might not be. Of course, fishing is much better than watching, but there are times when I'm home feeling lazy and nothing much good is on TV, so I often switch over to YouTube on the TV and look for fishing, fly tying, backpacking, etc. videos.

Anyway, The New Fly Fisher is a very well done fly fishing show. Some episodes can stretch to more than one hour in run time, excluding ads. The downside is that the various hosts typically fish out of an expensive lodge (usually in Canada or the U.S., but other places, too); however, they more or less know how to fish, and the production quality is very good. If nothing else, looking at the scenery and maybe getting some ideas for future bucket list trips is worth the occasional view when there is nothing better to watch.

Here is a link to the YouTube channel, from which you can select various episodes, and new episodes are posted frequently:

The New Fly Fisher YouTube
This is by far one of the most informative and best run fly fishing shows you can find! Great for beginners to the most advanced!