Syndicate Reaver 10' 3 Weight for possible trade or sale !!



New member
Jan 26, 2020
Not 100% sure I'm going to go through with this so please keep that in mind but I just picked up a brand new in box with blank warranty card Syndicate Reaver 10' 3 Weight Euro Nymphing rod ( information here: ) and I would like to possibly swap it straight up for a new or used (used only in VERY good condition) one of the following rods in no particular order. 1. Hardy Zephrus 8'6" 4 weight 2. Scott GS 8'4" 4 Weight 3. Winston Pure 8' 4 weight 4. Scott GS 7'7" 3 weight 5. Hardy Zephrus Ultralight 8'8" 3 weight 6. Winston Air 8'6" 3 weight. 7. Sage Dart 7' or 7'6" 3 weight.
I know given how unresponsive this "swap" section can get this is most likely an exercise in futility but I just wanted to see what the board would come up with here and given the spectacular technology on this Syndicate Reaver I'm most likely just going to keep it as I bought it as a concession to how popular and apparently effective this Euro nymphing technique is and also the fact that I got the rod for a ridiculously low price on eBay and taking the plunge into the contact nymphing world is now looking better than ever as a result but I would also possibly sell it if I got a decent offer (absolutely no less than $675 which is $100 off current retail). Tight Lines everyone !!!