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Dec 13, 2021
Full Paflyfish Forum Guidelines and Policies

Rules and Guidelines for Swap Forum Posts:

The Swap Forum is intended for regular* message board participants to offer for sale or trade items of unwanted fly fishing equipment. Fly shops, dealers, and other professional or semi-professional traders are welcome to purchase advertising on the site, but please do not use the swap forum.

This forum is provided as a courtesy to our members and the site owner reserves the right to delete any post or thread at his sole discretion.

Also, the site owner and moderators are not responsible for transactions between members. Therefore, buyers are advised to conduct business at their own risk. Neither the site owner nor the moderators will referee any dispute regarding sales initiated from the forum.

All items offered for sale should be related to fly fishing. Some leeway may be allowed for sales of items indirectly related to fly fishing, such as, for instance, camping equipment, or outdoor clothing or accessories. As a contrary example, automobiles, weapons, sporting tickets are not appropriate items. Again, the site owner reserves the right to delete posts or threads at his sole discretion.

The purpose of Paflyfish is to provide a forum for the exchange of fly fishing information and not to provide an outlet for dealers, collectors and hobbyists to sell their wares. Therefore, consistent with the board owner's reservation of rights to delete posts and threads according to his sole discretion, if the site owner judges that a member's sole or primary purpose for joining the site is to sell items in the Swap forum, such member's account will be deleted and post removed without warning or recourse.

Paid advertisers will be permitted to post a couple of times a month about special promotions and offers.

For Sellers:

*A seller must be a regular contributor with a minimum of 20 posts before they have permission to post items in the Swap.

Be clear and honest about what you are offering.

State an asking price for the goods. If trades are sought, give the reader some idea of what you are seeking in terms of value. Public negotiations within the thread is discouraged. Try to take such discussions off the board with e-mail or using the Personal Message function.

The Swap Forum is not an auction site. If you want to find a high bidder, please use an auction site.

It is not permitted to merely advertise the fact that an item is offered for sale or auction elsewhere. In other words, the forum is not to be used to direct readers' attention to another site where the item is for sales, such as eBay or CraigsList.

When the sale is over, please the SOLD button in the top right of the thread to close and lock your thread.

For Buyers:

Protect yourself at all times. Neither the Site Owner or Moderators have any responsibility to screen offers, sellers, etc., nor will either become involved in disputes regarding the sale or offer.

Avoid negotiations within the thread.

Asking questions about the item publicly is acceptable and may help other potential buyers, but use the Private Communication function to discuss details of a contemplated transaction.

January 9, 2022
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