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Oct 27, 2017
Who here likes stealth bombers for small mouth fishing? What technique do you use (dead drift, stripping)? Any particular color combination? I’ve been catching some SM on the Conodoguinet with them, but feel they have more to offer than what I’m getting

I carry several dozen in my boat and tie a verity of colors. They have been a go to for many years. My favorite is a chartreuse and orange combination. I also throw all white, blue, black, yellow with a lot of luck. I add some lead wraps to the keel of the hook to help them dive and carry more lead wire to adjust them as needed on the water. The best tied ones dive just under the surface creating bubbles when stripped then float quickly back to the surface.

I fish them many ways but letting them sit for a couple seconds after landing then stripping them back with pauses seems to work.
I had never heard of the stealth bomber. I tried to tie one this morning and had a lot of trouble. When I cut out the foam I made it a little too wide. There's a good video with tieing instructions, but if you watch it, I suggest cutting your foam strips much narrower, especially in the head area. 3'16 inch would probably be suitable for the body and 5/8-3/4 for the head area.
I'll try it again next weekend. I'm always interested in a different pattern.

barrybarry: What hook size is your foam size suggestion for?

I was using a size 6 gamakatsu large gap hook. I'm no expert. The problem I had was that the head area folded over on itself much more than it should have. I'll give it another round soon enough. I should expect a few failures. I've had plenty.
This is based on your info and scaled for different size hooks based on a template I found online. Printed to scale, It should be 4.25" wide.


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I tried making them with scissors, then splurged on a cutter for #6 hooks. Now all the bodies are the same