Simms G3 Guide Boots Felt Size 10 - $100



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Apr 20, 2014
I’ve had these boots for several years but they are still in very good used condition with many miles of use remaining.

You almost need to take out a second mortgage on your home to buy a new pair of Simms boots these days, but I’ll sell these to you for $100 - and you’ll also save the mortgage fees and can pick them up in the Lancaster area. Or, I’ll ship them to you for the actual shipping cost, plus 3% if paid by PayPal (unless you send the payment as Friends and Family).

Send me a private message here to arrange purchase or with any questions.

Thanks, John

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Price reduced to $75.00.
Price reduced to $50.00. (See further details in original post.)
I’ll buy ‘em. When and where do you want to hook up?
Sent you a message. Thanks.
Sold. Can be removed.