Set of keys found on Penns Creek



Jan 14, 2010
Found a set of keys on the C&R section of Penns hole below clay banks on 6/3. We left then there on a stick for a couple of days but no one came back for them so I figured I better bring them with me.

Looks like the are for a Toyota vehicle.

I'll also let Bruce Fisher at Penns Creek Angler know in case anyone contacts him

Let me know if they are yours and I'll send them to you.
On Sunday evening , I pulled into the parking lot about 6:30 or so to go fishing , a gentleman from western Maryland walked up to me stating he lost his keys .
He was driving a full-size Toyota pickup , these keys might be his .

He hitched a ride with another couple , down to the Sportsman's Club and that's the last I heard of him .

You might want to call someone at the club ... they should have his info ..

Ok thanks Allen I will follow up on that
Ok I just talked with Christina at the sportsman club
The gentleman who lost the keys did not leave his contact information but she knows the couple who gave him the ride she is going to talk with them to see if they have his contact information
Okay ..
I wished I would have gotten his name and stuff ..
Also .. on my way home that evening , I passed by a work van with labels and wording on it .. I guessed it might have been someone such as A1 lock & key or AAA ... ???
Just a guess ..

keep me posted ..

Thanks ..
Hey Allen

Thanks great lead - I just called A-1 lock and key in Lewisbirg PA and woman there thinks that a service call was made in that area on a Sunday night - she is going to try and find customers information and contact them
Oh super ...
Thanks for letting me know ..