Semper Stone - Stonefly Nymph Pattern Fly Tying Tutorial

This stonefly nymph pattern, tied by Semperfli Pro-Team member Tom Herr is a super easy pattern to tie and very effective. This Stonefly Pattern is tied using Semperfli Nano Silk, Sempfli Straggle String, and Semperfli Flat Braid. Materials here.

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Thanks for posting Dave, I'm gonna tie a few up. Never had a lot of confidence in Stone flies myself, but willing to give them a go again 👍
Tom Herr is an amazing tyer and incredibly humble. Precision Fly Shop in Lancasterr has been a breath of fresh air. Never feel pressured or pushed towards the expensive gear and they are always helpful. Tom lives for Steelies and just ask him about them and you will have a friend for life.

Great fly.