Philly area smallies



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Feb 8, 2009
Hi All,

My parents live outside philly. I didn't grow up there so I'm not too familiar with the good smallmouth streams/rivers. I'll be visiting them in the coming weeks.

Last summer I fished (fly) the schuylkill around phoenixville and caught a ton of smallmouth (although they were all on the small side).

Can anyone recommend a good place to go smallie fishing, with better chances of catching bigger fish?

I would suggest trying the Delaware river. You'll catch more and bigger smallies there than the skuke. Here's a decent spot:

Fish below the wing dam, carefull though it can be a bit tricky wading depending on the water level. Another spot you can try is Scudders Falls, if you google it you should be able to find directions and such. Good luck.
Jason beat me to it , i'd check out the delaware for smallies too , never been there myself but have friends who moved to philly for work who fish it all the time with success.
much appreciated...thanks
I grew up on the delaware, if you like feel free to call at my shop and we'll discuss some great spots..
I generally agree with JasonS about the Schuylkill vs the Delaware, but there are a couple of isolated segments of the Schuylkill right under the eyes of Montgomery Co's anglers with smallmouth populations that absolutely trounce those of the Delaware with respect to the abundance of quality size fish.