Pennsylvania Trout Streams

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With nearly 16,000 miles of wild trout streams and nearly 5,000 miles of stocked trout streams, Pennsylvania has something to offer every trout angler. Within these waterways there holds a range of stocked, naturally reproducing, and native trout. There are many different types of regulations depending on the stream and season. Take some time to learn where you can go to find some fly fishing opportunities in the region. The map below is just one slice of select streams across the state that are managed to hold trout. Explore these locations in the map, but there are hundreds more and not all the best spots are listed. You will find your own favorite locations by taking some time to research and do your exploring. The Paflyfish Forum holds countless posts on fishing locations and is another great resource before you head out onto the stream. There is no "Easy Button" to find the best place to fly fish, but a lot of fun in the search.

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Stocked Trout Waters
These waters have significant portions that are open to public fishing and are stocked with trout by the Commission (PFBC). About streams and stocking schedules can be viewed on the PFBC Stocked Trout Waters page.

Class A Wild Trout Streams
Streams that support a population of wild (natural reproduction) trout of sufficient size and abundance to support a long-term and rewarding sport fishery. The PFBC does not stock these streams. A listing of these streams is provided by the PFBC in this Class A Waters PDF to download.

Special Regulation Areas
Waters that have tackle, harvest or other restrictions. There are a number of different regulation categories. Many of these waters can be fished year-round. See the map above for more details.

Stream Sections that Support Natural Reproduction of Trout
Stream sections support naturally reproducing populations of trout. A wild trout stream section is a biological designation that does not determine how it is managed, therefore, these streams may also be stocked with hatchery trout by the PFBC. The PFBC provides a PDF with the names and locations of these streams.

Wilderness Trout Streams
Wilderness trout stream management is based upon the provision of a wild trout fishing experience in a remote, natural and unspoiled environment where man's disruptive activities are minimized. Established in 1969, this option was designed to protect and promote native (brook trout) fisheries, the ecological requirements necessary for natural reproduction of trout and wilderness aesthetics. The superior quality of these watersheds is considered an important part of the overall angling experience on wilderness trout streams. Therefore, all stream sections included in this program qualify for the Exceptional Value (EV) special protected water use classification, which represents the highest protection status provided by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Additional information can be found and discussed in the Fly Fishing Locations Forum. After you go out and fly fish be sure to share stream conditions in the Stream Reports Forum.
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