Penns Creek, Hatch Factory with Rick Nyles

Rick Nyles of Sky Blue Outfitters joins Dave Kile of Paflyfish to share his 35 years of experience fishing Penns Creek in Central Pennsylvania. It is no secret that Penns Creek is regarded as one of Pennsylvania’s premier wild trout waterways. This status comes out of respect for the challenge and intrigue this stream has for anglers. If you want to learn more about this fantastic trout stream. Rick will cover the prolific bug life, the seasonal fishing and the overall stream tips. An exciting recorded webinar not to be missed.

Thank you for posting this, Dave! I was hoping to get up to Penns this year but the timing just never worked out between work, kids’ sports and other activities, and low water conditions. But I definitely want to drive up there this winter if conditions permit and absolutely during the spring.
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Thanks! Looking forward to it. I registered, but I got sick that morning and was asleep before it even started.