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Jul 11, 2022
Camillus, NY
A pear is a failed apple! - George Carlin

Just in time for the holiday season - the Pear Tree Swap. This is as is a partridge in a pear tree! Yep, this swap is for fly patterns that uses partridge as one of it's materials. Due to the holidays this will be a BEGINING of the new year swap - flies will be due in by Wednesday, January 10th so as to avoid the holiday season with your family - and the holiday mail with the USPS ponies! Here are the details.

Registration for this swap will close on Monday, December 4th, 2023 and, as mentioned, flies are due to me by Wednesday, January 10th, 2024. This will give more than a month to register as well as more than a month to finish your flies after that! We need a minimum of 6 tyers and the swap is open to up to 12 total registrants. It is open to ALL level tyers and new faces, including anyone new to tying/swapping is most welcome! As always, I will share a fly tying gift or two with all swappers. When you register (or shortly thereafter, please include the name of the pattern that your going to tie - we DO NOT want see a whole bunch of Partridge and Orange flies!!

ALL SWAPPERS - remember to include the 5 basic items needed for each swap - your flies each with it's own toe tag, sent in a swap box, with a SASE included (so you get your set of flies back!), all included in your sending envelope. If you'd like to SPOIL the swap host (ME!), please include your screen name on each of the last 4 needed items.

If you are new to swaps and/or fly tying please contact me and let me know so I can give you any assistance to make your swap a great experience!

Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! That's why we took up this hobby!

I’m in, Kim. I’ll be tying a pheasant tail soft hackle pattern.

Thanks, great theme!
I’m in too.
With a bead head, wire, soft hackle nymph.

Merry Christmas!!!
I'd like to join as well. I'd like to tie a Partridge and Peacock soft-hackle.
I'll tie a Irish pattern with French partridge.
"Blow torch" with a partridge collar
I'm in, will do a purple body soft hackle
I'm in with 2 patterns. Kimba's beloved Partridge and Orange and another pattern to be named later.
Here's who's in, so far:

1) dc410 - Soft Hackle PT
2) JimNovo - Bead Head Soft Hackle
3) barrybarry - Peacock Soft Hackle
4) JeffK
5) lazlo - Blowtorch
6) GMH - TBD
7) lprudente - Purple Body Soft Hackle
8) PatchezMDM - Partridge & Orange
9) jeffroey - Gold Ribbed March Brown Spider
10)hooker-of-men-Guide's Choice Hare's Ear

That leaves 2 more spots left to fill this swap. Welcome to the new faces! I will try and make this a great experience for you all!

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I think I'm coming in with a Gold Ribbed March Brown Spider.
Yep, I was pretty sure this one would fill up quickly. There will be some really great ties come out of this swap! I’m headed out for a week of bowhunting so I was practicing a bit at the vise tonight so I had one to chuck into the empty Altoids tin dedicated to this swap on my tying table to remind me of the commitment I just made when I get back to the vise after hunting season.

Swing this wet fly during any active sulphur hatch next Spring and hang on!

IMG 9223
Looks so good I think even I could catch something with that pattern! ;)

Add a Partridge Red Palmer wet fly to mine if you could Kimba. I just watched a tie on that pattern and it looked brilliant.
Add a Partridge Red Palmer wet fly to mine if you could Kimba. I just watched a tie on that pattern and it looked brilliant.
You are set. I'll note the change on the next listing of tyers.


If this is Davy McPhail's version, I love the Loch-style wets!
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Sweet tie DC