Peak Vise



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Apr 24, 2009
South Jersey
I bought a Peak vise about a year ago. I love every feature of it ......... that is except the bobbin cradle. First,I had to take a file to smooth out the sharp edges. . I believe that the plastic cradle is formed by compression molding vs injection molding. I believe that the sharp edges are called flash. The other problem is that the plastic cradle is not on securely and keeps falling off. If you saw the hoarder's nightmare that is my tying area, you would realize what having that plastic cradle fall into the abyss means.

Do other's have this issue? Any suggestions?
Considering they have a lifetime warranty, why not contact Peak?

Other than that I'd buy some other bobbin cradle that will fit on a 3/8" shaft that doesn't use a "mountain" shape to cradle the thread.
I had the Peak and don't recall this issue. Call Peak. They are really good to deal with. They will send you another.
I've had mine for probably 15+ years with no issues at all. Sorry, not much help for you.
Did you get in touch with Peak? Any results?
I don't have much to offer either, no issues and I have been tying on mine for over 10 years.

maybe a renzetti cradle?

bend a new cradle using a wire coat hanger?

glue the plastic mountain back onto the shaft?