Paflyfish Spring Jamboree 2023 (Save the Date)

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Dec 13, 2021
There has been some early interest for the Paflyfish Spring Jamboree 2023. The Mods and I wanted to share that we have set the dates as Friday, May 19 - Sunday, May 21. More details will follow with a formal announcement later.

Use the code: PAFLYFISH for a 10% discount

Website link: Sevens Mountain Campground
101 Seven Mountains
Campground Rd.
Spring Mills, PA 16875
(814) 364-1910
(888) 468-2556
Call between 8:30-4:30 M-F
Never been to one. Might be worth a try.

189 days out and I have this firmly on my calendar. And my wife says I can't plan anything 😶
I have never had a bad jam-- even when I fell in the fire. I'll see you blokes in May!
Always on the weekend of my wife's birthday! Maybe this year I'll just go anyway. She wouldn't care but I would feel bad.....
Does anyone tent camp? Is there a decent shower house there?
Can't say for sure right now but should be very interesting. If I can attend, I'll be tent camping.
This is on my list as a maybe. I checked the campsites out. RV sites, check. Pet friendly, check. Now I have to see if the wife has anything planned for that weekend.
On my calendar
Thanks for the early notice. I have to have the bulk of my 2023 vacation picks in by the end of this year, and I hedged on it being this weekend. Looking forward to it!
Just put in for time off to do this trip. I'm doing steelhead in March, Penns in April, so might as well top it off with a trip with the wonderful people on this forum in May.
The jam is in striking range of Penns, Spring/Bald Eagle, LJR, BFC, Honey/Tea/Kish, and a bunch of lesser known ones. Kind of far from everything, but not too far from anything deal. People go off in every direction to fish, fish till dark, drive back, get back real late, drink and socialize till early morning, sleep in, do it all over again. It's wonderful!
In as well. Wouldn't miss it for the world. The guy who always comes with me, Scott, is also in.

We have 2 maybe's. Scott's son, Clay, and my gf, Tammy. So holding off on reserving until we see how many are in our party.
4 in my party. Myself and my gf, Tammy. Scott and his son, Clay.
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