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Spring Nymph Fly Fishing with Dave Rothrock
Recorded on February 9, 2022

In this webinar, Dave Rothrock and Dave Kile will have a conversation about some technics and approaches to spring nymphing. Dave Rothrock will discuss How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig to get the best results as well as plenty of other ideas.

Fall Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania
Recorded on September 21, 2021

The fall season offers some great weather and outstanding fly fishing after the heat of the summer. Trout behavior and hatches change during the autumn months, but there are plenty of angling opportunities if you know what to do. If you are looking at extending your fly fishing season this fall then join Derek Eberly and Dave Kile for a presentation on Fall Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania.

Summer Warm Water Fishing in Small Streams
Recorded on July 27, 2021

Are you looking to continue fly fishing even as the summer heats up? Then join Dave Weaver and Dave Kile as they take a fun look at warm water fishing tactics and techniques for the Pennsylvania region.

Bugs for Beginners
Recorded on April 7, 2021

Are you trying to make sense of the hatches, flies, and trout? Join Dave Kile as he provides an overview of the most common mayfly insects that trout feed on and their lifecycles. He will offer up an explanation about how and when these insect hatches occur in the Pennsylvania region. The presentation will cover how to "Match the Hatch" and help you improve your fly fishing experience.

April Fly Fishing in Northcentral Pennsylvania
Recorded on March 18, 2021

Join Dave Allbaugh and Dave Kile as they take a look at April Fly Fishing in Northcentral Pennsylvania. Dave Allbaugh a Johnstown native, licensed guide and experienced angler in Northcentral Pennsylvania since the 1970s. Dave is widely known for his unique expertise in wet fly fishing and tying. With spring just getting started, the April hatches offer up some of the first opportunities to plan for some much-anticipated fly fishing. We will take a look at where, when, and how to make the most of the early spring fly fishing season on streams like Kettle Creek, First Fork and Big Pine.

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