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Peter Ross

Peter Ross

Mar 8, 2024
Northern New Jersey
I learned how to fly cast on a one-acre bass and bluegill pond in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in 1972. I grew up dreaming about fishing for trout. Instead of working on my homework, I read everything I could about flyfishing for trout. I read about the famous streams in Pennsylvania. But it wasn’t until I joined the Air Force and was transferred to the Pacific Northwest that I caught my first trout. It was in a remote high-desert lake in Washington almost within casting distance of the Canadian border. I was camping by myself. I can remember every detail. Big Kamloops rainbow hanging out by some reeds. I cast a Carey Special out and stripped it past him. He became agitated. I saw his gills flare, his tail move. Then he darted over and grabbed the fly. It was the battle I’d fantasized about and had begun wondering whether actually existed: the reel screamed as he pulled line off. I couldn’t believe it. I managed to bring him in. I may have cried.

I went on to fish for trout and other spaces all over the place. I love tarpon. Now, after a lengthy hiatus, I am back into fly fishing and am learning my way around the streams of northern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont. Most of my trout fishing has been in the northwest and Rocky Mountain states. I have discovered there are new techniques to learn, plus I was never that good in the first place, so I am always learning. But I enjoy it. I particularly enjoy the solitude of small streams. Now an old geezer, I have some time to do it.

This is an excellent forum! I have read a lot here about basic techniques, like wet fly fishing. And I prefer to read opinions about gear in forums like this one rather than formal product reviews.

I have several fishing trips planned in Pennsylvania this year and may ply some of you for details. I have my annual license and am eager to get out there.

Here’s to hoping I can contribute something useful to the forum at some point.

Jersey Boy in another forum
Welcome aboard. GG
Peter, Mitch, Jersey Boi,
Welcome from a fellow NJ fly fisher.
Hope we can connect sometime on the water.