New Book - Raven Run: The Evolution of a Fly Fisherman



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Jul 15, 2020
I am pleased to announce my first book, “Raven Run: The Evolution of a Fly Fisherman,” published by Whitefish Press.

A signed limited edition hardcover is available with many color photos and illustrations. Here is a link:

There is also a black and white softcover:

You may be familiar with my writing through “The Gentleman Angler," my tribute to Lycoming County fly fisherman and conservationist extraordinaire Bob Rinn, that was published by Mountain Home Magazine. This story is Chapter 10, the heart of the book. Here is a link to the discussion about the article on this Forum:

Here is the Introduction from the book:

"Raven Run” is the memoir of a fly fisherman who got off to a late start - in my early 20’s camping along beautiful remote mountain trout streams without even fishing - but got hooked *** over teakettle when I witnessed a wild rainbow rocket from under a boulder through three feet of clear water to smash my brother’s dry fly! I have been trying to make up for lost time ever since. Like President Jimmy Carter, a brother of the angle, "someday I hope to become a good fly fisherman."

I learned how to fly fish on rugged North Carolina and Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains trout streams with my brother Bruce, Jim Hagadorn, Randy Dodd, and other friends. We expanded our horizons with trips out west to the Snake, Madison, Gallatin, San Juan and other famed rivers where we learned lessons about big trout, trespassing and graciousness to other anglers.

I moved to Pennsylvania in 1989, befriending Jim Latini and Bob Rinn. “Latini”, as we call him, in part to distinguish him from Jim Hagadorn (who goes by “Hagadorn”), is an eccentric and talented fisherman. We have chased the incredible and frustrating Green Drake hatch on Penns and Big Fishing Creeks. Bob, an old timer, was my connection to the historical heritage of the northcentral PA region.

I write about my misadventures as well as successes. Sometimes I fish for other species besides trout, although I buy my catfish fillets shrink wrapped. The stories “Big Fish Brain Freeze” and “Striper Virgin” document some of my more memorable and entertaining failures. I cannot abide by arrogant know-it-all authorities. “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes,” admonished Winston Churchill. Lefty Kreh, a humble man yet an expert’s “expert,” was a hero of mine, as was my "Gentleman Angler” mentor, Bob Rinn. Bob’s fishing was orderly, contemplative and civilized – an antidote to the chaos and coarseness so prevalent in our society.

The book delves into the ethics of fly fishing, my spiritual connections to nature, and environmental concerns for the future. “Raven Run” is a familiar yet dynamic local small stream that became my Pennsylvania home water, the first time I had ever formed such an attachment. I have slowly, but surely, evolved to become a PA Old Fart.

If you’ve read this far then I trust you will be able to relate to my experiences. Perhaps they will give you new perspectives about your own, or at least stir up some good memories. Life goes by quickly, so enjoy your fishing, and friendships!"

You can order "Raven Run" from Whitefish Press or from me. I think it will make enjoyable winter reading.

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Kevin McJunkin
Great. Good luck with the book Kevin. I’m sure you made your buddies proud.