Made in USA hooks question



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May 14, 2014
Does anyone know which hooks are made in the USA?


Does anyone know which hooks are not made in China?
Probably only Eagle Claw.

A lot of the hooks offered by the top companies like Daiichi, Owner and Gamakatsu are made in Japan or other Asian countries besides China however you have to check and sometimes buy through the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) to get the Japanese hooks.

BTW - When I have a choice I do what you are doing. (y)

When I'm unsure I send the manufacturer an email and ask the them the country of origin (COO). Sometimes they will dance around the answer, but they will divulge if pressed.

Good luck!!
I sent out a few emails to various manufacturers. Fulling Mill responded and said all their hooks are manufactured in Japan. If I get any other responses, I will relay the information.
If you're looking for investors in a Made in 'Merica flyfishing hook manufacturing company, I'm in. How it's Made makes it look pretty easy. ;)
I had done some research on this subject about 3 years ago and it seems like eagle claw is the only U.S.A manufacturers of fishing hooks . I did find that some Umpqua hooks were manufactured in Czech Republic ( competition jig hooks) . Seems like rest of the companies are made in China , and Japan .
From Eagle Claws's website:

"Today Wright & McGill Eagle Claw is considered the most innovative fishhook company in the world and is the only fishhook manufacturer in the U.S.A."
America has never been a major source of hooks. In the past, the vast majority of hooks in the world were manufactured in Redditch, England. Since the second world war, most of the manufacturing moved to either Norway (Mustad) or to east Asia.

Eagle Claw is about it.