Lesions on bass



Sep 14, 2006
Any one know is the lesions that were on bass in the susky made it up steam in to the tibutaries of the river. I caught a real small Smallie today and it looked like it had a healed leasion on its tail, i guess it could have been a mark from somthing else but as soon as i saw it i thought of the Susky's problems.
A heron or musky, perhaps? Hopefully that's what it was...
maybe a heron or somkind of bird, this was up in the Conawago FFo area, iv never seen a muskie up there.
I wouldn't worry too much about this. I've been fishing smallies on Conewago for years and have never seen any evidence of lesions on bass in this creek (and have informed the PFBC of as much). While there aren't any muskies in that part of Conewago, it could have been a bird injury or something else. The columnaris lesions have been documented in the lower sections of many Susky tribs (Penns Cr for example). If you continue to see bass with sores on their body, photograph them and contact the PFBC.