Land of Little Rivers Film. New York rivers, streams, personalities, fishing and tying.

Nice! I was just telling @csoult about this movie. I couldn't remember what it was called.
Some funny characters, a couple epic stoners, an oil spill, its got everything, lol
I’ve watched it so many times my kids forbid me to watch it anymore…😞

It’s fun to fish up there and see some of those guys float by….
Been to the "sugar shack" once and it's exactly what you think it might be 🤣. Haven't seen Rob since covid, his back is destroyed but that guy is a wealth of Catskill knowledge. Dude loves to fish! Marty is a genuine good guy. Really enjoyed every interaction with him. If I bump into him, he still remembers my name, beeps and yells "hey Andy". Ben is an amazing man. Smart and very fishy. Lots of characters up there for sure.

Enjoyed the movie and watched it a few times myself.